Raised since the age of three in Canada, I have been interested in culture and exploring the lives of the people of this world…the similarities and the differences.

I have actively worked and volunteered with numerous underpriviledged groups since the age of 12 because I believe that I am fortunate to have lived the life I have and the return I get from this is more than any material wealth can offer. It uplifts me as do the short, and sometimes fleeting moments I have luckily had conversing with thousands of strangers, warm people with beautiful souls in many corners of this world.

Capturing magic in the lands I travel, in the faces of the people I meet is my passion.

Trained in Psychology and Sociology, I picked up my first camera over 20 years ago, with the help of my birthday present that Mom and Dad gave to me…and this is when my love affair started with photography. When my memory starts to fail me, I will still have the photos that put into sequence the moments of events and people whom I wish never to forget.

An avid people watcher, a citizen of the world, I engage with people with ease and a desire to learn more about them. I welcome you to view my snapshots and hope that you can travel through them as I often do through viewing others photographs!! Enjoy!!

  • Joined: September 2009