Joni  Rae

Joni Rae

Huntington Beach, United States

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I took my first photography class in 4th grade….O.K. it was eons ago but I remember trying trick shots instead of just pictures of everything around me. I grew up with a creative craving for all media’s but my favorite is painting on walls, sheets, clothes, cement flooring and now graphic art. The coast of Southern California is my playground and I’ve been exposed to some amazing talent through the years. It is exciting to be able to get aquainted with artists from around the world here.
I use a Sony DSC-h2 ; Nikon 9100
Joni Rae
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Perhaps we know each other or maybe we share the common belef that there are places we see that move our spirit, touch our hearts and feed our souls. Places forever etched in our minds eye of the beauty God bestows upon us to remind us he is forever here. Thank you! I hope this image forever brings you light hearted joy….the kind I found when my lens captured the original magical moment!…
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