landfills of desires

you have arrived / to the human world / let us bury the bones / of our forefathers / in the landfills of desires

a goodnight and spasms of joy

sleep dreamer / you are no longer / awake / a vision / a ghost / lingering lost / in this shared / good night

boots dirty with salt

leaning into my shoulder / and my right hand / squeezing your thigh / my dear / i miss you being near / to me all the time

night lingers forward

descend with me / for just a little / while longer / as we half-close / our drunken / eyes / to block-out / the burning night / from our…

you don’t need _____, don’t need _____

you don’t need / to hold my ___ in your / sweet and soft touchers / anymore

A drinking day

To drink it away.

Every bone with sharpened metal.

And just spread my skin / Apart / From horns to heart

magnetic retention

on the carpets / there’s piss / stains / we only hope / is from / the dog

bury it in silk and dirty poems

just deep enough / where / the worms / can get / to it

“i want to die thinking of you”

but i just can’t / get past your echoin’ / whispers, / and the hint of / your perfume / that disables my mind / in our cold / bed…

i want to die thinking of you

just come on over, / darlin’, / my dreams are empty / and in need of / a new song.

hooray, hooray

about the living days / when you were a child / not this ghost / leaving your body behind / away away / into outer space

where the stains still show / the butcher of spri…

buried there / in the garden / are pretty faces / rotten with / silvery decay

marshmallow fluff

hanging out / with the orangutans and chimps / discussing ipads and triple penetrations

lordy lordy

heaven / is a great cloud to visit / when your summer is free / of constructed spaces

the proper place to sink

but i find my heart is sterile / and my cock limp, / both adverse reactions to living / for too long

just carbon dating

oh well, / it’s swell / to be alone doing nothing instead, / then being in love and living / a life worth more then decaying parti…

look how low those testicles go

take any piece of me you please / the happy toes or diseased / carcass and atonements / the flourishes dressed in skin / whatever your p…

that old devil didn’t even say goodbye

the bed this morning / was as empty as my / broken clock / just used rubbers / and empty medicine bottles / littering the soiled floor

from the fruitbox

so as not to get forgotten / so as to be safe and happy / listening to the inchworms crawling / and becoming moths / is the solution to …

without you, my little boy

with you / i am / everything good / smiling clowns / lions cleaning their cubs / diseases in remission / a heart in submission

with open sores

don’t forget me / regret me / fret me / let me be the sea / and cover your shores / with open sores


my socks have / nononsense / proudly stitched across / my toes / at least those lucky bastards / don’t take shit / from anyone

the metamorphic enchanter

lying to everyone you / married / kissing everyone you / denied / fucking the aphids / on the side

in my shed you will find the shovel

in my shed / you will find the shovel / bury my rotten pieces / as far from each other / as you / can

that good old fashioned reason to keep going on

what fun / what sinister fun / grab the sunshine sitting on the shelf / and take a few too many so as to relapse

Cock vomit nightmares.

That’s fucking for fucks sake / Here on the isle of seagulls.
Caterpillar on green leaf resting macro by Jason Franklin Wet iris macro yellow raindrops  by Jason Franklin Caterpillar Macro in Leaves  by Jason Franklin lavender flower purple macro D800 by Jason Franklin Flower on the corner of my house Nikon D800 shot by Jason Franklin Blue Wildflower Nikon D800 shot  by Jason Franklin Marigold in black and white  by Jason Franklin

it’s only a line of blood

please make sure my burial ground / is free of common earthworms / don’t fret if there’s slugs / on my mourning grounds

the ghost up the stairs

the ghost up the stairs / sleeping under the unmade covers / has been sleeping there for years / since your body left through the front …

even though you and i are dead

i only dream of you now / even though you and i / are dead / bricks stacked higher until / they all come falling down upon us

my bokeh was drunk

the dog was barking / something about love / being a waste of fucking time / to the inquisitive pink pig / who just took a shit / down …

and piss it all

drown with me baby / open the bottle and pour / it on down

human interactions / too much

and i told my mother to fuck off / right in front of my son / ruining his birthday / like a son of a bitch

i would rather just sleep or drown

feathers floating like feathers do / downwards and more down / until they can’t float no more / onto the brown earth / resting wit…

gold fishes

yes. that’s it. / open my eyes with laser beams / and your kisses / your wishes / gold fishes / golden

just unlock my front door

he ain’t got much going on / just pissing in the wind / and driving the car off / the backyard cliff

then death hit the brakes

and death was driving / while in the back / i was fucking tranquility / double-crossed style

i’ll be taking the easy way out

i am taking a vacation / but i won’t be going anywhere / i won’t be home / i’ll be taking the easy way out

i wrote a poem about you tonight

after finally meeting you / in person / and then kissing you / later on / after the movie / at the end of this night / before waving …

to bury the bones of too many victims

to rip the clothes / off like island beasts / to spoil the virgins / to bleed the sinners / to bury the bones / of too many victims

just lie with me tonight

man / cannot love / but only himself / because we so quickly and / with ghosts and whispers / forget

flies on my foreskin

ready for removal / dissected and / castrated with animal teeth

dating site blues

and now my wine bottles / are emptied / three in a row / and my stomach / is rotting

merry fucking christmas time

in the history of mopey bastards / since jesus christ was born

No longer sleep

and under every empty sheet / on the bed where / you can no longer sleep

a gas oven to rest my weary head in

not breathing / not thinking / for so long / my nipples got hard

for getting sick

the wind blowing / leaving icicles on tailpipes / freezing the puddles

bulging beyond belief

you have forgotten out of / nonuse / of your gut / of your cock / your manhood

as i sat in the shower

as i opened the shower curtain / i heard a ghost whisper / welcome to a new day

She shits in my house / the prettiest girl I know…

For the greed between each other

i can’t tell you apart from me

like all the rest / the million others who’ve been / caught in a valley of / remorse / for so long / so long / with no goodbyes

the pain implant

turn it up until the black becomes / white / agitation levels are at a max / the battery is at full charge / your life is spinning out of …

crashing through the atmosphere

i was a falling bird now / a man unable to take flight / i was without wings or safety net

the last roses of fall

this black hole is just pulling me apart / memory is loosened from fact / and sleep is replaced with nightmares of being seasick

the astronauts prison

side by side / whispering lovely words that would / grow into song / moans and growls filling the cathedral walls / with our devotionals…

and burning flames, they burn

this isn’t love / there is no happy ending / no story to be written / just a little bit of being smitten

of the roses and silk panties

the body is dismembered by fading memories / but her loving heart still beats me down / every time i think of her

whispering i once loved you

so the words i would have written / were only fond memories along on the way / to this place i now am tittering from / high above the grou…

dog farts

then i hear the wispy sound / of an escaping emission / from her rear

ringing through faraway cathedrals

i can hear their chants / ringing through faraway cathedrals / the voice of god / ruling distant worlds from afar
Another Caterpillar, Cox, Dayton, 2012 by Jason Franklin Caterpillar, Cox, Dayton, 2012 by Jason Franklin Butterfly, Cox Arbor. Dayton, Ohio 2012  by Jason Franklin

it seems the axe was the only gift you left me

that’s where i have left only pieces / shards and gurgling bows upon gifts / tied about the leftover hopes and sorrows / of what the …

the first born from our love affair

hope for you that they do not / turn against you / and devour your eyes / on the way to your heart

my meat cleaver is now free

this bucket of putrid dismemberments / these thoughts left rotting in the outhouse / the location of the mindless millions / the bucket i…

The naked alien

I can still read the saved text messages / And they seemed real enough

The naked alien

I can still read the saved text messages / And they seemed real enough

that fucking waste of protein

my heart / that fucking waste of protein / has nothing left to give you / you who whore the world / for the blessings that fulfill your …

the worn chair floats high above us now

soaring higher and higher / above the flickering northern lights / our eyes were only closed

let me gnaw on your soul

let me gnaw on your / soul / some more / suckle on your / dreams / and casually / remove your / freedom / from your future

you pretty little sunshine whore

shock me / you pretty little / sunshine whore / your blond hair / turning gray

so alone that the tongue has been chewed off

so alone / standing here in the ravine where / the water buried you under the dirt / where i buried your memory
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