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Recent Love

On: off.

Reminds me / Of her / Kisses, / After I turned / You / Off.

remind me again

remind me again / why there’s a sun in the sky / tell me with your sweet words / that there’s more / then just these memories…

And please walk away

Remember to throw some dirt / On where you buried me

Your lips no longer

My eyes may still go blind / After days of focusing on / The images you’ve sent,

Little black spot.

There’s a little black / Spot in my heart.

touch my beard in the dark

just / come here / baby / so i can kiss / you once more

creeping closer.

no longer sleeping next to you / never again one day / brings the nightmares back / into my plane of sight

let go and wither, i guess

someone else’s / love, / passion, / tenderness

a collapsing heart (the flowers in the field)

instead of holding you / and looking into your eyes / i have / this / a collapsing heart / (for you: listen to The Magnetic Fields When …

just turning off the oven

now that you’ve turned away / and wrote my ending for me / as a beautifully drunken goddess at dusk would

looking away from what you were to me

your little mouth with / matching lips, / kissed me in ways / better left in the dark

Bending light through darkness

No words / spoken / can save us / From our ending.

a neutral zone of flimsy dreams and piles of dust

that someday i will have forgotten, / about the pretty pieces that made you important to me, / that someday will just be lost in a neutral…

maybe we were never there anyway

i cannot say goodbye enough / to bring you back again / and that’s where the problems flourish

Moonshine in my dummy mind

There’s moonshine in your eyes / That drunken my reasonable mind / Into falling in love again, / And again, / Every night and day.

removing your face

you see / i miss feeling you / under my knife / in the summertime / removing your face / from my memory

no more defenses

i wish i had a face / to hold in my hands

the emptied sea of you and me

only one boundless mass / uncontrolled and / beautiful

And that wasn’t enough

She found herself on the ledge / And that wasn’t enough

i played it again (rev)

and i played it again / one more million / times / just to hear / that echo

from a million fallen birds

but that’s something / i guess / we can suppress each sing-song / breath / as we take our last one

watchin’ your soul depart

was watchin’ your / soul depart / from the earth / and it didn’t even stop / to pay the handling fees / as you slipped away

My rusted capsule.

Lavished / in the queen’s / lingerie, / you possess my thin mind. / With smothering hips / and mockingbird lips,

landfills of desires

you have arrived / to the human world / let us bury the bones / of our forefathers / in the landfills of desires

boots dirty with salt

leaning into my shoulder / and my right hand / squeezing your thigh / my dear / i miss you being near / to me all the time

night lingers forward

descend with me / for just a little / while longer / as we half-close / our drunken / eyes / to block-out / the burning night / from our…

magnetic retention

on the carpets / there’s piss / stains / we only hope / is from / the dog

bury it in silk and dirty poems

just deep enough / where / the worms / can get / to it

“i want to die thinking of you”

but i just can’t / get past your echoin’ / whispers, / and the hint of / your perfume / that disables my mind / in our cold / bed…

i want to die thinking of you

just come on over, / darlin’, / my dreams are empty / and in need of / a new song.

the proper place to sink

but i find my heart is sterile / and my cock limp, / both adverse reactions to living / for too long

just carbon dating

oh well, / it’s swell / to be alone doing nothing instead, / then being in love and living / a life worth more then decaying parti…

without you, my little boy

with you / i am / everything good / smiling clowns / lions cleaning their cubs / diseases in remission / a heart in submission

the metamorphic enchanter

lying to everyone you / married / kissing everyone you / denied / fucking the aphids / on the side

even though you and i are dead

i only dream of you now / even though you and i / are dead / bricks stacked higher until / they all come falling down upon us

and piss it all

drown with me baby / open the bottle and pour / it on down

gold fishes

yes. that’s it. / open my eyes with laser beams / and your kisses / your wishes / gold fishes / golden

i wrote a poem about you tonight

after finally meeting you / in person / and then kissing you / later on / after the movie / at the end of this night / before waving …

to bury the bones of too many victims

to rip the clothes / off like island beasts / to spoil the virgins / to bleed the sinners / to bury the bones / of too many victims

just lie with me tonight

man / cannot love / but only himself / because we so quickly and / with ghosts and whispers / forget

flies on my foreskin

ready for removal / dissected and / castrated with animal teeth

dating site blues

and now my wine bottles / are emptied / three in a row / and my stomach / is rotting

a gas oven to rest my weary head in

not breathing / not thinking / for so long / my nipples got hard

bulging beyond belief

you have forgotten out of / nonuse / of your gut / of your cock / your manhood

as i sat in the shower

as i opened the shower curtain / i heard a ghost whisper / welcome to a new day

She shits in my house / the prettiest girl I know…

For the greed between each other

i can’t tell you apart from me

like all the rest / the million others who’ve been / caught in a valley of / remorse / for so long / so long / with no goodbyes

the pain implant

turn it up until the black becomes / white / agitation levels are at a max / the battery is at full charge / your life is spinning out of …

crashing through the atmosphere

i was a falling bird now / a man unable to take flight / i was without wings or safety net

the last roses of fall

this black hole is just pulling me apart / memory is loosened from fact / and sleep is replaced with nightmares of being seasick

the astronauts prison

side by side / whispering lovely words that would / grow into song / moans and growls filling the cathedral walls / with our devotionals…

and burning flames, they burn

this isn’t love / there is no happy ending / no story to be written / just a little bit of being smitten

of the roses and silk panties

the body is dismembered by fading memories / but her loving heart still beats me down / every time i think of her

whispering i once loved you

so the words i would have written / were only fond memories along on the way / to this place i now am tittering from / high above the grou…

dog farts

then i hear the wispy sound / of an escaping emission / from her rear

the first born from our love affair

hope for you that they do not / turn against you / and devour your eyes / on the way to your heart

my meat cleaver is now free

this bucket of putrid dismemberments / these thoughts left rotting in the outhouse / the location of the mindless millions / the bucket i…

that fucking waste of protein

my heart / that fucking waste of protein / has nothing left to give you / you who whore the world / for the blessings that fulfill your …

you pretty little sunshine whore

shock me / you pretty little / sunshine whore / your blond hair / turning gray

so alone that the tongue has been chewed off

so alone / standing here in the ravine where / the water buried you under the dirt / where i buried your memory

i give up and it’s okay (the latex glove)

i give up / wanting your love baby / just give me a taste / of your latex / glove

a life pretty still

a still life pretty / pretty much lost / afraid of this fact / so dreams replaced sugary reality

sincerely and goodbye

i am writing a letter / to suffocate myself / with / and i and all that and you too / this hul·la·ba·loo / records defining a living / …

museum doors still

the old caretaker of the building visits / from time to time / and he unlocks the rusty chains and / pulls the tetanus riddled nails

a thud on the floor

there are times i can hear the soft voice / whispering just around the corner / as if you were just walking away / to avoid my sight
Bug Coitus love on the daisy macro  by Jason Franklin

i recall ridin’ you


but the words left no harm

the lines connecting our actions / got tangled and tripped us up / leaving bloody scuffs on our possible outcomes

what a magnificent scene

and now clothes are never clean / thrown about the hall / all thoughts obscene / standing propped up against the wall / half-naked from t…

it will be awful

a little taste of rotten morsels / a little bit of fun / just make sure your have something for the morning sun

i want to sleepwalk with you

that maybe you were real once / or maybe you were only my dream / or something that invades / our reality from time to time / just to fu…

exit wounds

if i squint my eyes enough / and discard my articles / i will be naked enough not to freeze

she’s come back to me, she’s just a b…

in the summer time / she’s still running back to me / even though / she’s just a bitch / the perfect ally for a / fool like…

sputtering out of sight

my girl my girl / i have forgotten most about you / the color of your eyes at night / the sound of your sleep breathing

little toy fountains

they are your fountains / and that makes them more / then just cheap plastic toys / they are what flow in your little soul / the same that…

standing in the archway

i was standing in the door way / for about an hour / and nothing much was going on / just a repeating thought / a ghastly yet lovely and …

like hammers against kitten skulls

and pick up the pieces of fur and blood / lust and tongues wrapping around more / tongues with words with no sounds / i can hear your lau…
Child behind bars  by Jason Franklin Toddler at bath  by Jason Franklin Toddler at bath with alligator toy by Jason Franklin
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