O.K. I’m here for one month exactly, and I love this site. From day one I was impressed by the quality of the artists here and the incredible artwork presented.

After one month here are some interesting statistics:
50 images in my portfolio
7821 views on images alone
2135 comments. Sorry for not being able to reply to each one in person
450 views on clothing
12 Journal entries with 1100 views
147 Artists added me to their list
187 Artists favorited my work
47 groups that help, educate, promote and showcase incredible work

1 sale

1 home page also the most comments: 159

1 Featured art with 96 comments

Numerous placements in the popular section,
Hours of pleasure and countless new friends,

Placed images in the art for Conservation group. A unique and valuable way to donate proceeds from sales to nature conservancy groups. Please check out= these images and help me support even further these organizations with your generous purchase ( i have to add a small sales pitch here :-) )

So in short I’m stocked. I appreciate all the time you took to view, comment, bubble mail me and give support.

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