He pulls her close and draws the breath out of her with a forceful kiss,

There is no love here,
Only want.

Grabbing, holding, pushing, touching, biting,

Their clothes are ripped from their bodies in a flurry; her glasses go skidding along the floor, she gives them a seconds thought before they are forgotten in the moment.

The limited space just feeding their urgancy.

He sits, pulls her ontop of him and they’re at it. There is no fear of being caught, no care of the noise they make.

He is in charge and that’s the way that she likes it, he pulls her to where he wants her, and she obliges.

Time means nothing, only the movement,
the want to reach a climax.

They’re standing now and the climax is reached…

Breatheing deep they collapse in a heap.

But not for long.

Soon, too soon for her likeing they are up and retriving their clothing and getting dressed once again.

Once fully clothed again she unlocks the door and goes to the adjacent cubicle and finds her glasses there.

A quick second to fix hair and make up and they leave the bathroom together like as if nothing had happened and join everyone else in the movie theater not to speek of it again.

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a little go at something rather sexual..

It may or may not be a true story… you’ll just have to think what you want to think.

But I do have to say it is somehting that I would of never thought my self capable of as a youner child the idea of having sex in a public place is just odd…


want, sex, movies, she, he, drunkeness, xbl, being young, cubicle loveing


  • Teacup
    Teacupover 4 years ago

    A want certainly satified by the sound of it!

  • Well you know a want that is breifly satisfied any way. lol those sorts of satisfactions have a habbit of fading away fast.

    – exposedbutloved

  • Tomi10
    Tomi10over 4 years ago

    blushing I’ll umm… knock and come back later…… =P
    sexy piece!!

  • Hahahah =] thanks… Didn’t mean for it to become akward or anything =P

    – exposedbutloved

  • Paul Dean
    Paul Deanover 4 years ago

    Nice…..it does make you wonder…..fantasy or reality??

  • =) hahah thanks. In truth only I shall know =D

    – exposedbutloved

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