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How to make little planets and 360 round panoramas

So aight…i’ve been asked to reaveal secrets of making those lovely little planets. Its very very easy. Repeat after me :)
Start photoshop, paintshop pro 0.8 or above and open the image that u want to become a planet.
1. Image>image size. Uncheck ‘Constrain Proporties’ and set the “height” value to the same value as your “width” value. You will get a square image.
2. Rotate by 180°
3. Filter>Distort>Polar Coordinates (choose the “Rectangular to Polar” setting). If you are a user of The Gimp the command is “Filters→Distorts→Polar Coords”.
4. Thats all! Rotate it any way u want and do whatever else u want to it.

Initial image. (I mirror them horizontally, so that the edges fit nicely)

Little planet:

And to make the tunnel-looking, opposites of planets, the procedure is the same, just leave out the second step (Dont rotate 180 degrees)
You should get something like this:

You can combine the two techniques, to get something like this:

I found it on this illustrated tutorial http://www.dirkpaessler.com/blog/index.php/phot...
Here are some more examples of planets http://www.dirkpaessler.com/blog/wp-content/plu...

Have fun! :)


  • Xadrik
    Xadrikover 5 years ago

    Cool… Will try it on GIMP 2.6 … Originally was not reading this one because I thought it was all about PS… which I own but don’t use because of its inordinate demands on my modest hard drive… ;) Thanx Explosive… I am certain that in time many people will follow your concise and well-worded instructions for a good effect.

  • Well-worded? :D
    Not as well-worded as on the site i found it on :)) Where there are also tips and criteria for images that will give best results.
    Promise to try it!!! But watch out….they are highly addictive :)

    – Explosive

  • MarcRussell
    MarcRussellover 5 years ago

    cool tips thanks heaps

  • Welcome welcome :)

    – Explosive

  • Zefira
    Zefiraover 4 years ago


  • izzybeth
    izzybethover 4 years ago


  • buttonpresser
    buttonpresserover 3 years ago

    Many thanks for this