To avoid unpleasant things is not the same as to create pleasure. If you want pleasure – and we all crave for pleasure as this is the natural human need – stop escaping.


When you look for pleasure in work, earning and spending money, doing nothing, thinking about the past and the future, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, watching porn films, you will not create the true fulfilment. All these pleasures are a hindrance on the road of fulfilment, orgasm, love and life.


When you think that having more money will allow you to meet a beautiful woman and that you will find love, you are wrong. How can you recognize what is beautiful, true and good if you avoided fulfilment for 20 or 30 years without having had orgasms and known love?


Does your spiritual life, your yoga, meditation and spiritual exercise, give you just a blissful serenity or does it give you an orgasmic pleasure for you body?


When you look at a man, thinking about his bank account and considering whether he will be able to provide you safety or whether he will be with you forever, you will not open the gate of orgasm as this is not possible. Your thoughts about the future destroy the present moment and the orgasm cannot occur. There is no place for it, it exists only in the presence.


Your body revives, your soul clears and your mind becomes creative through an orgasm.


How can you talk about love when you are not aware of how wonderful the orgasmic explosion of each of your body cell is?


When you long for tenderness, go out, look an unknown man into his eyes and when you see the stars and the sun blinking in his eyes, take him home for a few hours or for one night. Do not ask about tomorrow as tomorrow does not exist, do not ask about yesterday as yesterday does not exist either. Let him touch your body, let him kiss you, be the queen of one night. When you stop thinking, the orgasm appears.


When you look how a female body vibrates, how woman’s skin burns with an orgasmic fire, do not think about past rejections. Her orgasmic flame will ignite your inner body, it will prise off the door of the darkest corners of your mind. Throw away the control for a few hours, for one night. Her orgasmic explosion will heal your broken heart and your wounded pride. Become a little boy again and let yourself accept all her tenderness without calculating. Your orgasmic explosion will make you a happy ruler and will make you feel the monarch on earth.


Nobody can sell you a love formula, you need to discover it by yourself. Birth and death are orgasmic adventures. The birth is behind you and the death is ahead of you so do you really want to experience just only two orgasms in your long life?


The entire Universe lives in the rhythm of an orgasm, tension =charging=discharging=relaxing. Each star operates in this rhythm, your heart and every cell lives this rhythm. Trust nature, it does not lie, it does not hurt, it only desires what is good for you. Enter the rhythm of the world and all you do, all you experience and live through, will be orgasmic. You will feel the real life and joy because you live, you exist and so you will know the love when you unite with this wonderful life-giving rhythm.


When you close your heart to love, you open the gate of bitterness, cynicism, arrogance and depression. You can take ten pills a day and wash it down with whisky, but it will not help. The moments of joy, serenity, orgasmic experience will dissolve each physical and mental blockade and the life will start again for you.


If you spend many hours on thinking about your work, securing the future of your family, about a woman, a man, the crash on the stock-exchange and sex, these thoughts stick into your head and when the chance of love and the orgasmic experience appears, you will lack energy to go beyond these thoughts.


Start the day by meditating ten seconds, do not analyse, do not listen to anything, do not watch anything, just be there, look at the stars, the sun, a beautiful tree, the green river, the blue ocean, a great painting, just be yourself, only for a few seconds or minutes. When these thoughts enter deeply into you, you will be as beautiful and attractive as these images.


The name of God is “beauty”. Do you think the beauty is there to punish you for experiencing wonderful moments? When you look at the beauty, listen to beautiful music, birds singing, humming of a waterfall. When you make love, when you are in the orgasmic ecstasy, you multiply the beauty, the “God” grows and is happy for you.


Treat all the ideologies, doctrines, religions and political systems as a game, experience them, play with them but do not attach to them and do not trust them blindly. We all make mistakes and perhaps your gurus, your leaders, your masters and saints sometimes also make mistakes as well?


When you want the orgasm, fulfilment and relax very much, you will not experience it. When you really want something, you make it tense, you block it and you cannot get the orgasm. Do not desire it, do not crave for it. The orgasm will come, just make the space for it. Do not worry, you will not lose this moment, this moment will happen to you.


How long do you want to live your life to the fullest extent? Do you wait to get more and will this more give you more time, safety, stabilisation and attractiveness? In some years it can be too late, you will be too tired, discouraged, bored. Your adventure with life can end at any time. Do not wait as you can miss something more important than your career: you will miss yourself.


Light exists because there is darkness, they are inseparable, just as success and failure, hatred and love, pain and pleasure. At any moment, you have the right to choose your path: focus on the unhappiness and it will appear in your life, think about sickness and it will appear for sure. Think about past and your future will be the new version of past events. The choice is simple: contemplate the beauty and your future will stun you with an unbelievable wonder.


Do you wonder about the shortest way to love to an orgasmic ecstasy? The answer is simple, this road is simple: reject everything that devastates your heart, reject hatred and cunningness, reject fear and revenge, reject the longing for the past, reject the awaiting for a better tomorrow.


Cherish the delight of the present moment. Let life amaze you as much as the beauty of this planet with the diversity of life forms on it. Surrender yourself to this mighty power that makes trees grow on rocks, oceans containing all sorts of life. At all geographical longitudes and latitudes, heights and depths, life exists. In all – even the most extreme conditions – you will find various life forms.


The road to the orgasmic ecstasy is simple: you can crave for fulfilment or you can be a fulfilment. All you have and experience is your own creation. When you feel you got stuck and cannot see a way out, surrender; do not fight, stop. Let life remind you who you really are, let life love you, do not fear as the Universe pulsates in one rhythm: tension = charging = discharging= relax = tension = charging = discharging = relax…………….

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