Untangled (I missed me)

Stumbling on the vacant page / I saw an empty mirror / Bleeding
Fire Dreaming by evitaoz Appreciating Rain by evitaoz Noah's Sunset by evitaoz

It is not the Queen’s Land (floods 2011)

Nature is warning / That every mother has her limits

Finger Tears

My silent fingers refuse to talk / The dry ink crumbling / Making tiny, dying heart beat sounds
He will not go quietly by evitaoz Pure Hearts by evitaoz

Just Like That

You cannot touch my brain / Without cracking my skull / But you can feed it
Power napping Santa Claus by evitaoz Love is...when your big sister listens by evitaoz

Damn Optimists

The shreds of your tattered heart / Flap in the wind of your resignation

The Magic Marbles (Draft)

….Amunet’s granddad was very old and very wise. He held Amunet’s hands and smiled ‘Sometimes people need a little magic to trust new …

Unspoken Song

My hands painting / You so tenderly / Can you feel / The message you can’t see / My eyes follow

Of Love and Moons

Her teardrops fell onto the young man’s face. He opened his eyes and smiled ‘I have died and already an angel has come to me.’

Sleep versus silver ink

Sleep knocks on my door / Claiming entrance / My tongue stumbles / Over goodnight words

Weaving Love Sounds

There was no hesitation as he firmly placed his hands on the flare of her hips. ‘Babe’ he whispered hoarsely ‘I need you, more than you kno…

Money talks


Feel between the lines

When I hand you a string / Of carefully picked words / Will you wear them and / Feel between the lines
Pure Mum by evitaoz Joy of Freedom by evitaoz

Light for the Seed Babies

Mother Nature is in her home under the tree. She tucks in the seed babies with tiny, little blankets. She hums softly ‘Sleep my child sleep…

My Monkey Mind

My Monkey Mind / Mischief maker / Word shaker
Reflections  by evitaoz Out West by evitaoz Noah cares by evitaoz

Concrete, Oily Lies

Up in their towers where they wash / Their hands of blood and oil / And behind closed doors where they count / Their dirty money

Beyond those tracks

The introverts are travelling backwards

Lost feathers of an optimist

The hour hand wacked me / On the head again / As I dallied in the moment
Just Before Waking by evitaoz Wild Thing You make my Heart Sing by evitaoz

Tick but not Tock

How does time / Flit / Faster than / The bat of / A humming bird’s wing

Lament from a Tree

I was a seed with writings / Of a long future / I have not read / My script to the end

From the mires to the wind

Those walls of yours / Are not invisible / You have graffitied / The contents of your baggage / In dried up blood colours
'Waiters' of the tracky kind by evitaoz It won't hurt a bit by evitaoz Exploring his future by evitaoz The Dreaded Count by evitaoz

Use By Date Of A Dream

Enchanted by your / Honeyed tongue / My inner listening / Drowned

Body Language (when words fail)

My / Hands trembling / Paint / Desperate / Words lost / In / A fire
Molten Sunset by evitaoz Puppy Dreams by evitaoz

the way he moves his words (an appreciation of a …

The way he moves / His words / His eyes that see / Reality unwrapped / Laid bare
And when I am old by evitaoz

A light hearted look at bubble addiction

Bubble bubble / Red haze / Is my map through / The mind maze
I may be small...... by evitaoz Puppy Love by evitaoz Cello Ecstasy by evitaoz Music is his first Love by evitaoz


….my integrity….
The best things in life are free by evitaoz

Of Blankets, Anger and Hope

He trails his security blanket behind him / It weighs a ton / It bears no real colour

Marshmall0w Dreaming

I laughed and took off my dress / When you taught me the tango / You said you loved my marshmallow breasts
Slow down and reflect by evitaoz

Stings and Wings

I slipped inside a tear / Cocooned in its watery / Membranes
On the threshold of dreaming by evitaoz

Future Denied

There is shrapnel in my empty plate / And mother won’t stop crying / Father, he has disappeared / Your leaders, they are lying
World Heritage Western Tasmania by evitaoz Mumma sunrise by evitaoz Tree Cradle by evitaoz good night then by evitaoz Contemplating Contentment by evitaoz

Telling Stories

is a licence to dream while you are awake!

The Gift from the Chestnut Tree

Somewhere in a beautiful, deep forest lived a little witch, all alone. She tended lovingly to her garden of herbs from which she would make…

A season exercise: Autumn

Next to a window he sits quietly. His breath leaves small, silver clouds that hang for a tiny moment and then join the silken scarf of mist…

Piggy’s Autumn

One autumn morning / Not too long ago / Miss Piggy was walking ever so slow

Rain Story

Goanna was creeping through the sand / Kangaroo was hopping across the wide land / Wombat was digging in his brown hill / Snake rested on a…
Moon Rise by evitaoz

Not A Pause

Six seeds sprouted in / The silver quarter moon hammock


The Stench, in all its different colours, is clinging opportunistically to the rising heat. / The gulls are wheeling, squabbling, in shrill…


I am a bit of a passion fruit today / I can feel my juices flowing / So I roll towards you lazily

Let Me

Friend / meet me at the gate / of my treasured / insanity
Stranded Blue Dream by evitaoz In his own world by evitaoz On Track To Go Back by evitaoz Long Way Home by evitaoz

His Dance With MJ

Come dance with me / She said / I will make you feel / Just fine / I’ll help you forget / Your imaginary chains

Coward’s Lament

Insults are dealt / like a deck of cards / let the games / begin, again

Boredom Pie

Let’s eat boredom pie
Every day is a new beginning by evitaoz
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