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Not happy with some of the changes

Hi all

I’m very unhappy at the moment…
I don’t like the new changes… mostly WHERE is the Edit button???
Edited to say: Edit Button Found *

All the work show framed or as postcard now doesn’t show.. and description about the work it’s gone hiding .:(

To reply we have to hover over the time the comment was done… hopefully one does not delete it before one can answer…

Not to mention the nightmare it’s going to be moderating works that needs description read
Not happy at all :(


  • pat gamwell
    pat gamwellover 3 years ago

    My dear Evita….everything’s still there, just in a different place. For one example: the edit button is on the top right…when you press it & see “edit work”…..just press that and it will appear as you know it. Hang in there, girl….it’s going to be ok.

  • Thank you Pat… I can see the edit button now,,,,,☺☺☺
    believe me I’m trying.. but it’s frustrating for the last 15 minutes I been trying to find view larger it’s vital in a couple of my groups to enlarge the pic sometimes….. I’m sure I’ll get use to it with time… I find the overall look is just to busy… :(

    – Evita

  • LOL just now I found out how to enlarge the pic by clicking on the image ….

    – Evita

    JUSTARTover 3 years ago

    not sure about it yet…..
    don’t like that the description is most of it hiden (because normally I add a lot of other images/info there)

  • Yeah, the description was box is hiding.. dont’ like that either… I’m unsure about the overlook of the page, my first reaction was I don’t like it… :(

    – Evita

  • John Robb
    John Robbover 3 years ago

    Evita, I think, as you’ve shown, that we can sometimes rush to judgement on these things, I’m going to give it a little while and explorer the changes and see how it goes for me and my customers.

  • I’m ok with changes… the last before this change, I had no problems at all… I thiught they were great, I liked the description box before… now we had to click on another button… ☺

    – Evita

  • pat gamwell
    pat gamwellover 3 years ago

    Just keep looking Evita….everything’s there. Pretty soon, we’ll be used to it, just like all the other times things were changed. Some things are hidden, but there are links to click on that will get you where you want to go.

  • I never had no problems with the changes the one before this one was very easy and it looked good… I’m sure I will get used to it ….

    – Evita

  • tinhearts
    tinheartsover 3 years ago


  • Hugzzz xxxx

    – Evita

  • pajamas
    pajamasover 3 years ago

    Hmmmm!!!! Unsure if I like it…. maybe…. or maybe not……

  • I understand… it’s going to take sometime to get used to it… ☺♥

    – Evita

  • missmoneypenny
    missmoneypennyover 3 years ago

    Change is always a challenge Evita but judging by your work – one I know you can master :O)

  • Ohhh ….I know with time we get used to most thing s ☺☺☺
    But I’m really disappointed with cut-off of the description box :(

    – Evita

  • Josie Jackson
    Josie Jacksonover 3 years ago

    Take a deep breath, and have a good look when you have time, I tend to go “OH NO” and go into panic mode, but this time, I’ve just taken it easy and I like it……. Hope you find your way around it. :o)x

  • Thank you Josie, I’m trying really hard.. I would rather have back the description box on the right as before … xxx♥

    – Evita

  • Pamela Phelps
    Pamela Phelpsover 3 years ago

    Not to mention how ungraceful this is for the NEW viewer and Newcomer! What a frigging mess this is! Think I will spend my day in the gardens and yard and work out my frustrations! It is always the same…when it ISN’T Broken they step in and make sure it is!

  • I share your feeling on this… just logged in had another look… I still feel the same….
    I think the description looks so messy I rather have it on my right side and get the buttons for face book and twitter .. the rest of it somewhe else.. :(

    – Evita

  • dougie1page2
    dougie1page2over 3 years ago

    unnescessary, innit!