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What the Heck is going on???

Hi everyone,

Just noticed that my images are no longer for sale, checked other works from members seems the same….it has the one page only and not longer the comment button to click on (not buttons to click..to show framed pictures, mugs card or any other product)

Anyone else has the same problem???


It seems if the work has been uploaded as a product or card …. doesn’t show the comments, but if one clicks on the About the name of the work will take you to description, comments and the rest…

Hope they fix it .. we need the products slide at the very top under the image!

I'm mortified

Hello everyone…

I just found out that my smiley and heart symbols (☺♥) have become a ?? (question marks)
Apparently due to corrupted data/coding?

I’m mortified….. after commenting everyone works ?? it shows now instead of ☺♥
I’m not sure of what to do next… unfortunately I cannot go back to every work I commented in the last 6 years to explain… hope some of you will see this journal and know I would never question anyone work like that…. I think I will have to stop using the Smiley and heart symbols (☺♥)

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!

Explore Featured Photography

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to know if anyone noticed that Explore Featured Photography Page has gone… there are only showing… Recent Photography and All Time Popular Photography

Evita ☺♥

Grand Opening of the 2013 Gallery Of Excellence

Hello everyone,

I’m excited to announce that today….January 31, 2014 is the Grand Opening of the 2013 Gallery Of Excellence ….

Come and join us in A Place To Start Group….. support your fellow artists and help us celebrate …..

This group is open for everyone… newbies and veterans of RedBubble…..
So if your not a member come and join today…..

Sign in our guest book… leave a few comments of encouragement and visit their works..

Click on the banner or link below
We’ll see there

Please CLICK HERE for viewing.

Thank you!
Evita ☺♥

Pin Up Girl, Still Life Apples and Open Book A Momment In Time had been Nominated for VaVoom's 'A Tribute to Women' Hosted by Solo Exhibition

See my work in VaVoom’s, A Tribute to Women,
sponsored by Solo Exhibition

I’m totally thrilled, surprised… not to mention honoured that these 3 works has been nominated by Tori Yule to be shown in The Special Solo Exhibition ….Tittled VaVoom’s, A Tribute To Women
Opening day is January 15th, 2014.

Thank you Tori for nominating these 3 works… I’d like to add, you have curated an outstanding exhibition….
Thank you Frannie for hosting this wonderful event ……

Pin Up Girl
by Evita

Still Life Apples
by Evita

Open Book A Moment In Time
by Evita

Hello everyone

Hello everyone,

I haven’t been able to comment on works lately and to thank those that comment on my works or for the feature I received due to my husband’s accident on Monday afternoon at work (he had a crushed and burnt hand ) The operation was Tuesday morning…. it went well.. doctors are pleased of the outcome ( I know it’s early days yet) but they managed to save all fingers .. hopefully now healing starts and keeps free of infection (later he’ll need skin grafts and physio ) but what’s important he is his way to recovery…… I will try to get things back to normal as quickly as I can and time allows …

Thank you all for your understanding.
Hope to see you all soon
Evita ☺♥

At It Again ~ Theft Of Images ~

Hi everyone,

Thanks to Mike Paget for posting this journal… Image Theft

I went to my works and selecting my Kiama Lighthouse URL (right clicking an image -not the main on the page but rather a framed work… highlighting coping and then after selecting IMAGES in Google.. paste and clicking the search image) to my dismay I found my work in Pintere’s.. …Mr Popat HERE as free wallpaper…
and HERE all without my permission… :(
It’s called Vantage Point Consulting Group

Found many images of Lighthouses I’ve seen here in RB so please check it out and see if your work is also there …

Will later try it with my other works as well.. it is an easy way to check out where our stolen works get to.. :(

Evita ☺♥


I noticed that in no way I can view or reply once hit the more comments button.. it just freezes… so far another member has the same problem…
Hopefully I can return with my thanks to all that have kindly left a comment on my works…

Evita ☺♥

Highlighting + Copying


Is there anyone having the same problem I do….. Highlighting and copying? I’m trying to post banners and links on works .. sadly it’s not happening…….. my apologies to the artists featured in my groups today… I’ll add banners and link when possible….

Evita ☺♥

My Gallery on the 4th Annual Host Hullabaloo

Evita Gallery on the 4th Annual Host Hullabaloo
I am proud to have a Gallery featured in HOST HULLABALOO!,
celebrating the hosts of RedBubble. This 4th annual event
is produced and sponsored by the Solo Exhibition group.

Below is a clickable “tear sheet” from the Evita Gallery at the 4th Annual Host Hullabaloo!
please click it to go straight to my gallery there.

View all of the galleries!

Visiting the host galleries at Host Hullabaloo is a great way to support participating hosts, who also support your work with their volunteered time and features. Thank you! If you’re not a member of the group, you are invited to visit the public show and comment here, in this journal.

THIS JOURNAL IS ALSO PART OF A WEB RING. You can follow other host photographer and artists in…