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The Story so far - The Finale

Part One – James Continuing Dreams

James dreams didn’t always involve numbers and letters sometimes they represented a flock of birds bearing down on him with a single white dove to aid him.
These were never construed as nightmares.
As long as the the dove was present he felt he could win.

Part Two – Missy’s misadventure

Missy Pheelyne had made it back stage; these security guys were amateurs when it came to a true professional who’d weaseled her way back into concert dressing rooms for more than half her life.
Missy was pretending to be a technician with the stage lighting crew , She slipped into the performers lounge ignoring the large “Off Limits” sign stuck to the door. The room was abandoned except for David, still in robes watching the football on a huge flat screen television.

“Hello” she purred.

“Hello” David said looking around registering Missy’s presence then returning to the screen.

“No I meant Hello” Missy cried and ripped open her shirt exposing her breast.
David turned and gasped then his eyes focused on something that made his heart jump, then yelled at the top of his voice.

“Boris, get in here immediately”

Boris burst through a side door saw Missy and grabbed her arms roughly, Missy yelled in pain.
David walked over to the girl reached out and pulled the key off the chain that hung from her neck.
The one revealed when she exposed her breasts.

“Where did you get this?” David asked

“In Paris at the train station” Missy whimpered

“Boris, we’re off to France, now. And miss you’re coming with us”

Part Three – Meanwhile in Paris Part 4

David , Boris and Missy were in Paris by later that night thanks to Mr Jenning’s Lear Jet that had been given to the band for personal use. David was sans robes but wore sunglasses and a scarf just in case.
When they arrived at the Train station David asked Missy to show him where she found the key.
Missy by this stage was confident she was in no danger and was on some sort of crazy treasure hunt with the Monk and his bodyguard. She took them to the change rooms where she found it.
Nothing stirred in David’s memory as a matter of fact he couldn’t recall being at this train station before.

“Let’s check out the locker” David suggested.

When the found the locker David inserted the key opened it and discovered it was empty.

“Damn” thought David another dead end.

Meanwhile behind David Boris’ phone rang.

It was Mr Blanc.

“Where the hell are you and do you have client number two?” Mr Blanc screamed down the phone.

“It’s fine Boss, where in Paris but will be back in a couple of hours, I’ll send a photo as proof. Excuse me sir” Boris said and as David turned Boris took a photo on his mobile.

“Sending proof now sir” said Boris.

“Good get back here pronto before all hell breaks loose” replied Mr Blanc.

David went to protest at the photo but then decided who would know?

“Let’s go back Boris, come on Miss” David said to Missy handing back the necklace.
Boris looked around and thought:

“This looks like the Station I picked up my Ma”

then looking at Missy thought:
“She’s not a bad looker that one”

Missy noticed Boris looking at her and thought of other things, another plan to get closer into the Monk’s circle.

Mr Blanc opened the attachment on his phone and viewed the picture of the client.
Though he was in dark glasses and he wore a thick scarf there was something horribly familiar about that man.

Part Four- Missy’s discovery

Missy hadn’t managed to get close to the Monk David , he seemed totally consumed by other thoughts.

Probably praying thought Missy.

So Missy capitalized on the attention she was receiving from Boris , from that moment on she kept Boris company in his relatively easy job of minding David.
She suddenly became somebody again, Boris’ subordinates treating her very nicely in case they upset Boris.
Though Boris did his best to give as much attention to Missy as he could, he was ever vigilant of what and where the band members were constantly, and when he wasn’t doing that he was on the phone talking to his boss the mysterious Mr Blanc.
It was during one of these conversations when Boris had left the room to talk about some “issues” that Missy decided to look through Boris’ drawers to elevate the boredom. Hidden in a sock in the draw next to the bed she discovered the most glorious stone she had ever seen. Without thinking she picked up the stone and placed it in her handbag and waited for Boris to come back and smother her with attention.

Part Five – Beware of smiling stones in handbags

Even though she was Boris’ constant companion Missy rarely got to be within shouting distance of the other two Monks Marcel and James.
They had their own minders who were as protective of them as Boris was of David. It didn’t help that David was often doing paperwork or on the computer doing some sort of business while the other two tended to enjoy each others company.
Always singing or reading.
When even a few metres away Missy felt a great sense of calm wash over her, even more so that the stone was nestled in her bag.
Something she had seemed to forgotten she had and something it seemed Boris never seemed to know was missing.
Inside Missy’s bag the Epiphany stone was setting up it’s finale of it’s rock opera.


Part Six – An Invite

Mr Blanc was not overly impressed when he received an invite to Mr Hugh Jenning’s British Tour Party for I.Q= ∞. In his opinion Jenning was no better than he was; the only difference was Jenning got his money on a grander scale. They were essentially both thieves. Mr Blanc just considered Jennings a thief of people’s intellect.
Mr Blanc had no idea how close he was to the truth.
Another reason Mr Blanc wasn’t too keen to attend the party was because it was held in honour of the touring band I.Q=∞ . A pack of tea totalling God boys, he couldn’t see much happening in the way of fun there.

Part Seven – Party Planning

When Hugh Jenning decided to throw a lavish party in London for the touring party and staff, it was also an excuse to get some of the people he thought would be beneficial to his cause.

The party would also be full of heads of Industry, Government and organized crime from all over Europe.
Sure some of them were criminals but he needed strong men without consciences to control those who got out of control. Greedy men who craved money and power. Men who knew the hierarchy of things . Men who knew what discipline and control meant. Men – who if things got out of hand would let things like consciences get in the way.

A special one off performance was to be played by the band as a thank you for Jenning’s generosity.
He had deliberately planned the performance so he could monitor the more powerful people in the audience, something he planned to do o every continent. His aim: to search for people to be his Generals, Generals for his new world order.

The party would show him which ones where fit for his plan.

Part Eight – The Performance

Mr Blanc was pleasantly surprised when he arrived at the post tour party with Boris and his partner, (some scrubber he picked up on tour no doubt) there was a air of sophistication about it all.

The guest list was just pages ripped out of “Who’s Who” .

There would be some good contacts here Mr. Blanc thought to himself.
After being at the party for a couple of minutes one thing became apparent.
Everyone had come to hear the “God boys” sing.

When the time came for their special performance the ballroom floor was a crush of tuxedos and evening gowns.

During the song performed by the band Mr Blanc found himself concentrating on the Monk named David, there was something about him Mr. Blanc found very familiar.
Mr Blanc focused on him so intensely that he didn’t notice the zombie like stupor of those surrounding him in the audience.
Hugh Jenning’s technicians pinpointed Mr. Blanc out as the only person in the ballroom not effected by the frequencies emitting from the bands altered equipment.

“that’s our guy” said Hugh Jenning and ordered his assistants to bring Mr. Blanc to his parlour.

Part Nine – The Revelation

“Welcome Mr. Blanc, I assure you there is nothing wrong” said Hugh Jenning as Mr Blanc was ushered into Jenning’s huge parlour.

“What’s all this about then?” asked Blanc

“The answer to all your dreams that concern power and wealth Mr. Blanc” replied Jenning.

Hugh Jenning then went into great detail for perhaps the first time to a stranger his entire plan for world population control and his plans for individuals like Mr. Blanc.

Mr. Blanc sat and listened and watched all the presentation with its movies and charts in disbelief.

Part Ten – Revelation No.2

Missy , who was at the party as Boris’ partner, was feeling rather bored up until the bands performance.
It was the first time she had actually viewed the band from the audience and she found her self transfixed.
Missy felt compelled to give them something as a thank you for making her feel so “new”.
When Missy got the opportunity she reached into her handbag and handed Marcel the Epiphany stone.

Marcel took the stone and held in front of his face. It seemed to glow brighter in his hand. David – who was on the other side of the room – felt something and turned his head in Marcel’s direction.
Suddenly things were clearer to David than they had ever been in his entire life.

Part Eleven – Clarity

As Mr Blanc listened to Hugh Jenning rant on about his plans for world domination, all he could think of was sitting with his Nanna with her wonderful sense of humour and the numbers on her forearm that she refused to cover up.

“These numbers are life’s greatest lesson my child” she would warn him before explaining to him why.

It was these memories that made Mr. Blanc pull out his Glock 9mm and blow Mr Jenning’s brains out.

Everybody in the adjoining room turned towards the sound of the gunfire, everyone except Marcel who stood stunned as he watched James vanishing into thin air right before his very eyes.

Part Twelve – The way things are & the way things should be.

When the Police were taking a handcuffed Mr. Blanc out to the vehicles, David and Marcel were in the ballroom awaiting clearance to leave; both had their hoods removed.
Mr.Blanc lifted his head as he passed and instantly recognized the Monk he suspected he knew.

“Edward?” he asked in disbelief.

“Michael I’m so sorry” said David/Edward.

Mr. Bland then recognized the epiphany stone in Marcel’s hand and everything made sense. The stories of the stone were true, he would never own it, it had used him.

“Don’t be Edward, it was how it was meant to be, I feel it’s found it’s true owner” he replied to Edward whilst nodding towards Marcel.

As Mr Blanc was taken outside Edward turned to Marcel confused and asked.

“What do think he meant Marcel?”

“I think your brother found penance for his sins David”

“Edward” David corrected

“No. David” Marcel said, and again he was.

Here endth the lesson of Monk Rock

Part One- The Beginning
Part Two- The Middle bit


The Story so far - The Finale


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