The Story so far: The Middle

The new band logo

Part One The very first gig

The rise of I.Q=∞ was so meteoric no one could have guessed how popular the Brothers of the Abbey would become.
Soon it was decided that they couldn’t remain an unknown entity they had to get out and promote their songs.
Marcel and James had resigned themselves that it was something they had to do.
Marcel and James had resigned themselves that it was something they had to do.
David – however – though extremely excited about being an anonymous superstar had some serious reservations about singing in public.

Since David was “manager” he organised a series of practice gigs before the main tour.
He neglected to tell the others they would be fan free and each one was in a progressively larger venue.
David thought he had his fear beaten when it come around to the first official concert:
With disastrous results.

PART Two Meanwhile in Paris (Part One)..the Epiphany stone had plans

Meanwhile at Gare du Nord train station in Paris the Epiphany stone was enjoying the cool surrounds of the locker it had picked for itself. Things were going fine and sometimes a change was as good as a holiday.
The E stone had decided it had been a while since it had had some fun at the expense of someone stupid enough to lay claim as “owner” of it.
The E stone loved to play games with humans, the last 30 years in Zimbabwe were proof to that.
The next part of his plan was evolving slowly, it needed a bit more sleep before it started to take shape. The locker key was currently in the hands of it’s new owner and was making it’s way to the only person it considered worthy to posses it.

Part Three – Meanwhile in Paris (Part Two)

Missy Pheelyne has the reputation as the world’s most infamous groupie.
Since just before her 17th birthday she had travelled the world using her talents to live a lifestyle many would die for.
For years Missy’s philosophy had been simple: you give a little and take a lot. Use those that use you.
The majority of the times were a blast but every now and again things turned sour.
Like now for instance.

Stuck in a train station in Paris and trying to get back to London before Saturday because the Rolling Stones Wives had for the first time in history enforced a “No concubine” clause in the tour schedule.
How the mighty had fallen she thought.
It was time for a change, a bigger challenge. Rock stars today were so predictable and she already had a new target. One which would make her some serious cash with the Gossip Mags. She mulled this over as she played with the key she had found in the locker rooms (it would make a pretty necklace she thought earlier) and planned her next conquest.

Part Four Missy Background

Miss Pheelyne Supergroupie, it was no idle gossip she kept the net worth of all the stars she’d slept with on the side of her bed.
A more modern version of “notches on a gun”
Missy found herself in London once again, good old London Town.
The summer was here and the tour circuit was in full swing.
Missy had set herself a new challenge, it had become almost an obsession.
to do the unthinkable.
Bed one of the anonymous monks from I.Q=∞

Part Five – Somewhere in Europe (Introducing Hugh Jenning)

Hugh Jenning was the head of the multi national corporation New Era.

Jenning had a scientific background but had made his fortune by producing some of the most inane television shows in history.

He was indirectly responsible for creating, producing and worldwide promotion of such shows as Big Brother , Survivor , I’m a celebrity get me out of here! and The Pop Idol music phenomenon.
This was all part of Jenning’s master plan.
The dumbing down of the world population until only the supremely intelligent could rule..

Jennings field was – not as everybody thought – in television production, nor was it (as he had recently made big overtures) political lobbying.
Hugh Jenning’s chosen field was social engineering.

His secret passion: world domination.

Jenning had gathered terabytes of data from the marketing people connected to his television productions and used all the statistics and information to pinpoint the most susceptible part of the population to control.
And every year that number pushed further into the majority.
Many Governments were aware of Jenning’s work and were more than willing to fund and provide valuable information for exchange of his research.

He knew their wants their needs and what it took to control them.
Recently an important event occurred that marked a turning point in his plans, of all the major target groups that had been identified never at any time had they ALL reacted to a popular event like the Beatlesque type mania that surrounded the pop group I.Q=∞.
Even Lady Di’s funeral didn’t register as high as the interest they were generating.
But these latest developments were extremely exciting to Jenning, whose ulterior motives were well hid.
Only he held the secret of what NE really stood for: New Eugenetics.
The making of his own super race by deleting those in his view not fit to breed.
It looked like Hugh Jenning’s NE Group had found it’s glue to go the next step beyond.

Hugh Jenning as he sees himself.

Part six- Some background on Hugh

For years adults were under the impression their children were getting smarter because of computers and all manners of electrical gadgetry while in actual fact they weren’t.
It was a myth that Hugh Jenning wanted perpetuated. The real story was that everything was getting easier and real skills like being lost. Skills, such as mental calculating and farming, crafts like wood and metal working as well hunting and animal husbandry. Skills that were these days automated and required either someone to put something in and take it out again or push a button.

The highly suspicious NE logo

Part Seven – Pre Tour Organization

The response and demand of the I.Q=∞ recording had pushed demand for the band into the stratosphere.
So it was planned to do a huge European and American tour over the Northern summer.
Everybody wanted to know or get a piece of the monks from the Abbey but their privacy was a well guarded secret, not just from the fans and general public but also those they did business with.
David- who had his own self interest at heart- was ever vigilant and never let his guard down.
Soon offers for sponsorship came flooding in and most people were wondering how one of the main contracts was awarded to an obscure little brewery in the south of France.
It was Hugh Jenning who made David sit up and listen.
Jenning’s NE Group was willing to finance the entire tour on two continents and then guarantee a minimum after tax profit of fifteen percent. He wasn’t even going to insist on branding all he wanted was to bring his research crew and equipment and observe the crowds while making a documentary film of the tour.
Jenning was quite happy to respect the boy’s privacy and not demand to meet them in person. Jenning’s reasoning was that the band would return him commercial exposure, marketing information and profit regardless.
Little did the boys know that Hugh Jenning would have tripled the amount if he had to get on board this tour and the valuable information he would glean from it.

Mr Jenning and his equipment intimidated the members of the band.

Part Eight – Mr Blanc’s offer

Mr Blanc was worried – Edward had been missing now for six months. The fact that no one had contacted him about a ransom was no comfort, if that was the case at least he would know Edward was alive. He could do nothing but sit on his huge mounds of money and worry.

Mr Blanc had recently been approached by the NE Corporation to supply security for the upcoming I.Q=∞ tour. This seemed a bit odd to Mr Blanc as it wasn’t usually up to the sponsors of tours to handle these arrangements, they were the Promoters responsibility.

A representative of NE owner Hugh Jenning approached Mr Blanc saying he needed people who were serious and he heard Mr Blanc’s personnel were the best in the business and could keep their mouths shut. Mr Jenning wanted the members of the band and NE’s specialist equipment to be the direct responsibility of Mr Blanc himself and wanted absolutely nothing to come near either while on this tour. The money NE commissioned was extraordinary and it was an offer Mr Blanc would be a fool to turn down.

But Mr Blanc didn’t get where he was today by not being suspicious of all things gift wrapped in money, something was not kosher with all this.

Part Nine – Meanwhile in Paris (Part Three)

Boris was currently one of Mr Blanc’s most trusted henchmen; his loyalty was unquestionable even though they had never met.

There were now only two people in the world who could tell Boris what to do, one was Mr Blanc of course and Boris had been totally loyal in the 4 weeks he’d been employed by him and would as long as he was continued to be paid.

The other was the reason why he was waiting at Gare du Nord railway station. Boris feared no man and only one woman – his mum.

When Boris’ mum called to say she may have to stay an extra night in Paris because of a travel agency oversight Boris rushed to meet and collect her.
Having her fill his life with grief because things weren’t going as expected was something he just didn’t need right now, especially with the current personal protection contract they were involved in.

The band he was paid an obscene amount of money to supervise were the most passive and well behaved rock stars he’d even experienced, well maybe not that David, he didn’t mind a drop or two. But the fans, they were rabid and sometimes Boris felt if they told the crowds to jump off the stands he felt like they crowd would just go ahead and do it.

It was all very strange.

On the way to meet his mother Boris walked through the rest areas as he walked passed rows of lockers one inexplicably thrust itself open. Boris – who in normal circumstances would have punched the door off its hinges with his lightening reflexes but this time he just stopped and looked inside the open locker.
Inside were a collection of glittering diamonds and propped on top was a beautiful smooth red stone the size of a golf ball.

It was beautiful.

“Finders Keepers” thought Boris and stuffed everything into his trouser pockets all except the red stone which he placed into his shirt breast pocket. It felt so warm next to his heart.
Boris went off to meet his mum thinking:

“she’d wouldn’t half like these diamonds in me pocket”

Part Ten – James’ dreams continue

James dreams was still being effected by the weird dreams, lately they had changed.
The numbers were being transformed into huge crowds.
The crowds would then all face him and look upon him in wonder.
Sometimes Marcel would sit beside him – but never David.
This – strangely – made him feel at ease.

Part Eleven – Strange Rumblings

Marcel first noticed something was seriously amiss when the band were on stage at Wembley.
“How is everyone?” he called and the crowd roared.
David moved to close to his microphone to ask Marcel the question “What are we doing next?”
And the crowd replied as one “ What ever you ask of us”

Part 1 -The beginning
Part 3: The Finale

The Story so far: The Middle


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Meanwhile things were taking shape for the boys.

Marcel had his biggest thrill when the band were invited to perform an unprecedented concert at St Peters Basilica.
Howls of protests came from all corners of the globe demanding they be removed from the bill, but when Pope Benedict XIV stepped in personally to say “He liked these boys” all arguments were silenced.
Marcel and the Pope exchanged autographs.

Later after the gig the Pope joined the band in a " meet the audience " walk.

David is caught on film here trying to pick His Holiness’ pocket for any good luck charms.

The boys from the group spent time with Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons from the rock band KISS learning hints and tricks to keep their identities safe from a prying public.

There was even talk about an I.Q=∞ sitcom
This was the planned opening scene

Meet the proud sponsors of the I.Q=∞ Summer European and American Tours

" I only drink it for the benefits it returns to the Abbey " …..David

THE New Era Corporation
Leaders in quality entertainment and building YOUR future for YOU

Don’t forget other quality I.Q=∞ merchandise


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