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Dragon Spheres by evilfroot DRAGON SPHERES Over at A.R.S.E where all the best challenges are held I’ve decided to throw my hat in the ring. / It’s based on this story by … Special Edition Anniversary Single Cover Release … After Mr Sincerity’s insistance of keeping the band name alive. / (for this read flogg the living guts out of the product until it… SOARING In an attempt to cash in even further on the legacy of I.Q=00, Mr Sincerity of SHIDOT records has released another single from the latest &… The Möbius brain outlives the grave by evilfroot Under a James face moon by evilfroot Not quite finished yet. For all those fans of the hippest but sadly defunct Gregorian Punk Rock there has been an interest from a new generation of fans who have r… Epilogue Part 2 The last piece Version 2.3 The Final bit Part 1The Tour begins / Marcel was a bit put off about traveling in the band jet, it always seemed to conflict with his vow of poverty. Ev… Epilogue The Press went crazy with the story of the band disappearing again. / Some newspapers wrote about it sympathetically, many were convinced i… Part 37 – Where to now? Later that evening as it became apparent that no one from the government or the local authorities was going to investigate or even acknowle… Part 36 – Bad cloud rising The flames rose high and the noise followed a split second after. / A roar like an angry lion not like you’d expect an explosion to sound l… Part 35 – The roar of sceaming jets To be continued Part 34 – Caught Mr. Blanc couldn’t believe Hollowman wouldn’t take his call but was more surprised when the New Era slammed his rifle butt into the side o… Part 33 – Relief Prime Minister Hollowman was sitting at his desk deep in thought while several of his Military Advises awaited his decision. It was a tough… Part 32.1 - Communication breakdown by evilfroot Part 32 – Means to an end AFRICA / Mr. Blanc looked up from untying his legs and saw the others had left he ran towards the cave opening and stopped dead in his trac… Part 29 – Surprise Missy stared at the body slumped at her feet and gave a short laugh “I heard you guys were in town but I didn’t expect a reunion like this… Part 31 – An Explanation Mr.Blanc woke suddenly and immediately tried to sit up, a move he instantly regretted. / His head stung like crazy from the wound where Mi… Part 31.1 An Explanation by evilfroot Part 30.1-  Explanation? by evilfroot Part 30 – An Explanation? Where the hell did they come from?” whispered Missy as she and the boys peeked through the cave. / “Oh they’ve been here for some time, don… Part 28 – Missy – a short review THEN: / Missy Pheelyne had had a spiritual moment after the events of the night 5 years ago that saw the arrest of Blanc, the murder of Je… Part 27 – Reunion of sorts James led them to a cave and without hesitation walked in. David and Marcel weren’t so confident and held back. / “Don’t worry, it’s safe” … Part 26 – Revelations Marcel was surprised at the poverty of the area James had taken David and himself even though the area looked green and lush. It proved dec… Part 25 – The past is resurrected. The New Era had suffered greatly when it’s leader Hugh Jenning was assassinated by Mr. Blanc, but with the determination of his many lieute… Part 24 – Previously. Mr. Blanc had arrived in Ethiopia several days ahead of the band and was setting up his plans to take back and destroy the Epiphany Stone. … Part 23.1  -The Boys in Africa by evilfroot Part 27.1 - In the cave by evilfroot Part 25.1 New Era in Waiting by evilfroot 29.1 New Era Troops by evilfroot Part 23 – Exploring When the band arrived at Addis Ababa Airport they were 5 days ahead of the tour schedule and were now planning ways to fill in this time c… Part 22- Great ambitions Mr. Blanc was quite proud of his operations so far. In no time he would have the Monks exactly where he needed them to be. It’s amazing wha… Part 21 – A short stop The bands stay in Zimbabwe was cut to only 2 hours when their plane was told to leave because all their visas were no longer valid under th… Part 20 – The Tour begins Marcel was a bit put off about traveling in the band jet, it always seemed to conflict with his vow of poverty. Even that was a massive co… Version 2.2 The comeback Part One – They’re back / News hit the music world of James return and the the band’s reformation FAST. / Journalists went int… Part 19 – Dangerous Liaisons Transcription of telephone conversation: 15.32 : 15 September 2015 / Mr. Sincerity: I know it’s late in the planning but is there anythi… Part 18 – Mr. Sincerity’s worries “What on earth are you touring central Africa for?” / Mr Sincerity was pacing his office talking a bit too loudly at the speaker phone. No … Part 17 Mr. Blanc’s new life part 2 All of this building was part of Mr Blanc’s masterplan / MR. Blanc had now established where his brother was, it all came back not long aft… Part 16 Mr. Blanc’s new life. Mr. Blanc’s fortunes had changed considerably since his release. / Things like that happen when you have your own pet Prime Minister. / Mr… St Benedict's Abbey's Only Boy Band by evilfroot Part 15 Getting Ready to Tour Part 14 The Plan Mr Sincerity was amazed – not at the mass hysteria the band had generated due ot the reformation – but amazed what he was hold… Part 13 Surprises abound The band were more surprised than the organizers when a simple Shopping Centre promotion turned into the biggest crowd seen for some time f… 15.1 Getting ready to tour by evilfroot 15.2 Getting ready to tour by evilfroot 15.3 Getting ready to tour by evilfroot 14.1  St. Benedict's Abbeys Only Boy Band by evilfroot Part 13.1 by evilfroot Part 12 They’re back News hit the music world of James return and the the band’s reformation FAST. / Journalists went into a panic to find out more for an infor… 12.1 They're back by evilfroot The Beginning – Version 2.1 – 5 Years… Part One – 5 years later / Five years seemed to pass like water under the bridge. The world kept turning and old pop bands were repl… Part 11 A surprise visit and announcement Marcel called David up to his room for a meeting, he had lots of concerns. / Marcel was worried the E Stone had grown dull and it didn’t si… 10.1 Troubles at work by evilfroot Part 10 Troubles at work David really didn’t pay much attention to the popular press mainly the business section when he had time, and since the news of MR Blanc ea… Part 9.1  Mr.Blanc's release by evilfroot Part 9 Mr. Blanc’s release It happened like magic. Mr Blanc woke up and knew how to fix his plight. The veil that covered his thought had been lifted. / Mr Blanc set … Part 8 The Epiphany stones decision. The E Stone had always been able to manipulate mankind from its cradle in Africa. The climate and the vastness seemed to make it more aware… Part 7 Marcel’s observation Marcel had been noticing for some time now that the Epiphany Stone didn’t shine as brightly and its voice was never as clear or as loud as … Part 6 Introducing Prime Minister Hollowman The new Prime Minister had romped in the election not on policy or popularity but on the basis that the former government was hated for it… Part 5.2 - the awakening by evilfroot Part 5.1  the awakening by evilfroot Part 5 Mr. Blanc Mr Blanc wasn’t quite sure when he started to feel less dull and listless, it was a gradual dawning. / With every day he asked himself with… Part 3 – Marcel Marcel had relished living in the Abbey, after his brief fling with fame he was happy to be back to do what he loved to most – sing a… Part 4 – The Epiphany Stone an explanation The Epiphany Stone had done its task and was happy that the natural course of events where heading in the line they were supposed to. / Aft… Part 2.2 -David's progress- The Brewery boardroom by evilfroot Part 2.1- St Bendedict's Brewery by evilfroot Part 2 -David David had grown to love big business. / Not the money or the power just the machinations. / The brothers of the Abbey had taught him that … Part 1.1-  I.Q=∞ statue by evilfroot Part 1 – 5 years later – A new beginn… Five years seemed to pass like water under the bridge. The world kept turning and old pop bands were replaced with new pop bands. Some went… What’s next COMING SOON / :[Video] 13.2 - The Fans by evilfroot Back cover of new  I.Q=∞ EP by evilfroot Front cover of new  I.Q=∞ EP by evilfroot New Era (New Eugenetics) Logo by evilfroot Songs of Devotion and Distortion by evilfroot Chiort Riot by evilfroot We are the band by evilfroot Get Monk'd by evilfroot Get Holey by evilfroot
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