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I’m a mixed culture woman. I’ve grewn up in France and my nationality is French. My story is very strange and complicated so I feel different and I’m attracted by difference. I’m not really an artist, but artists always attracted me maybe because there are different. Also, my field is about art, I am an archaeologist and it seems that I have an artistic sense. I’m very interested in photography , self taught. I like to use photoshop to convert my images. I’m moving on by myself on this way, so, it is by experiment and trying.
I have wonderful photos from a site not yet visited by international tourists to make you discover. but I must first sort and treat a bit my pictures then show you. So, see you very soon.
You can know about it in my journal for nom

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REDESCOVERING an old city....

At sunset when the light caresses the rock color of honey and pomegranate, which saw Mada’in Salih. The ancient Hegre, in Arabic Al-Hijr. So, at that quiet hour when men and beasts, exhausted, want to rest, the modern pilgrim imagine foot high sandstone cliffs cutting the horizon, the camp caravan of Bedouins who, two thousand years ago, had settled here their camp. / Under the vast palm f…
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