I would like to paint the way a bird sings.
~ Claude Monet


I was trained to be a thinker
but deep down always wanted to be a toucher
spacing the world with my hands and senses
my heart finally touches life.

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Thanks to the anonymous buyers!!!! / Send with love, / Yvonne
Posted almost 3 years – 1 comments

Made my day ...

Usually I say thank you in private, / but this time I don’t know who did it :o) / So, / A thousand thanks to the anonymous buyer of a poster of ‘Who is cheating? Legs up!’. / I feel honored to know that this picture will be hanging somewhere on a wall. / And I hope it emanates the fun I had painting it!!! / Who is cheating? Legs Up! / by Yvonne Lautenschlaeger aka medea! / Send…
Posted almost 4 years – 4 comments