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Ariel and the Lion by Patricia Ariel

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Colored pencils on Bristol board,
8.5 × 12

I’ve been for quite some time seeking to join two of my biggest passions: astrology and art, two languages with so much in common. Then the idea for the Astroportraits was born. They are very special portraits inspired on your astrological profile. I incorporate to the picture the imagery, symbols and colors referent to the energy patterns showed in your astro chart – Rising sign, Sun and Moon signs, predominant element, Moon Nodes and other important points. The portrait becomes a visual poem, a register of your potentials and talents, reminding you how special and unique you are. A representation not only of your exterior image, but also of your inside, of your heart and soul.

This is my own self portrait. I am a Gemini with Leo rising and Moon in Scorpio, and a Water/Air type. It was not easy to create my own portrait, since I identify myself with so many symbols and elements that I thought better to let the intuition go in my favor. In the very last years I’ve been lived a phase of intense changes that made me seek for my strength within, something that I don’t remember to have done so hard before. I remember having made a very rough sketch of a Scorpio (my moon sign) and a Lion (my rising sign), my two inner powers; then I stuck it on the wall and looked at it every time I needed strength, to remind myself that I had that force, that it was in me as part as what I was. Things are surely smoother now, but I wanted my portrait as a perennial register of this power I discovered within myself. Then I drew a Lion, my rising sign, very close to me, almost like a constant companion. This lion arises from the waters, from the big ocean of emotions that characterize all the water types. Although one may think that water people are fragile due to their emotional, sensitive nature, they may be considered extremely strong exactly due to this attunement – they know like nobody how to deal with such world. My Air quality is represented by the color yellow and by the butterflies – also representatives of my sun sign, Gemini. Butterflies go vivaciously from one place to another just like Gemini does. They are also flying animals, symbols of freedom, one of my strongest characteristics. Another reason for picking the butterfly is because it’s one of my favorite animal totems, present in several of my pieces. Butterflies are the symbol of rebirth and transformation and this is why it makes them so special to my eyes. Rebirth and transformation are also keywords of my Moon sign – Scorpio. Another element I created to represent this sign in my portrait was the lotus flower, due to its relation to situations of reconstruction after long struggle or even total loss – the lotus blooms from the mud. It is also a symbol of spirituality, something that is an important part of my daily life and that helps me keep going in spite of any obstacle. A triskele, Celtic symbol of life cycles, shows on the top with the glyphs of Gemini, Leo and Scorpio.

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  • Oncemore
    Oncemoreabout 5 years ago

    Wow…Wonderful work. Great Art:)

  • thank you, sweet Vanessa!

    – Patricia Ariel

  • Lynsye Medalia
    Lynsye Medaliaabout 5 years ago

    Oh my gosh! I had no idea this is what your Astroportraits would look like! This is truly stunning! This one speaks to me on so many levels as I am a Leo with Libra rising and my moon is in Taurus, but I have Saturn in Scorpio and my N. Node in Gemini! :) I would love to see how mine would turn out.

  • that’s an interesting combination, Leo/Libra/Taurus combined, eh? sooooo artistic!!

    – Patricia Ariel

  • Ming  Myaskovsky
    Ming Myaskovskyabout 5 years ago

    I’ve just been absorbing this painting for at least 10 minutes or so.. and there’s something really special about it…love your style!!

  • thank you so much, Ming!

    – Patricia Ariel

  • Renate  Dartois
    Renate Dartoisabout 5 years ago

    Oh wow Patricia this stunning art-work I am speechless it is so beautiful…..

  • Mrswillow
    Mrswillowabout 5 years ago

    I am with Ming! I have been reading your writings and absorbing your paintings for the last ten minutes or so…very beautiful and utterly intrigueing.

  • mimi yoon
    mimi yoonabout 5 years ago

    patricia, your art has so much in it… with each visit, i discover something new…. i admire your art dearly….
    and now, here’s your astroportrait…. in a class of its own…
    i don’t have much knowledge in astrology, but through viewing this astroportrait of yours, i feel your power, passion, spirituality, and beauty all at once… and so much movement (suppose that represents the phase of changes you’re going through)…
    i am utterly mesmerized… : )

  • williamsart
    williamsartabout 5 years ago


  • virgosun
    virgosunabout 5 years ago

    Gorgeous. Love how the composition swirls together, taking all those aspects and mingling them into synergy. Powerful and introspective all at once.

  • Nori Bucci
    Nori Bucciabout 5 years ago

    Another fantastic work of art…

  • catherine walker
    catherine walkerabout 5 years ago

    so gorgeous and so well done

    reminds me of one of my favourite kids book..the lion the witch and the wardrobe..with that beautiful lion.

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