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Changing Woman: Art for Empowerment


To the ones that do not regularly follow me on my Facebook fanpage or Twitter, I am pleased to introduce you to my very first art project focused on promoting human rights. The project is called “Changing Woman” and it was designed to raise awareness about woman’s issues and rights, as well as to promote women’s empowerment through examples from real life.

The project’s goal is to create twenty-one art portraits of women with stories to tell about how being a woman in the current model of society has impacted their lives. Stories of trauma, abuse, neglect, struggle, and how they fought and thrived, being transformed by the hands of the artist in models of support and encouragement for other women under similar circumstances.

The project has been recently launched on the Indie GoGo crowdfunding platform in order to raise funds to make it viable and give to it a bigger and more embracing dimension. I aim to put together an art show, a “behind the scenes” video for the internet, an art book, and to produce limited edition art prints which sales (along with the books) will support an organization for the protection of women.

I have also created a website to feature all the twenty-one works created for the project, along with their creative process. The site has been also featuring works of artists from all over the world on the theme on women empowerment, women’s rights, and the Divine Feminine.

There are several ways to get involved in the project:

- Contributing to the IndieGogo fundraising. With contributions as low as five dollars you can be a sponsor and be rewarded with items specially created for the project. That includes exclusive postcards, t-shirts, and fine art prints created only for the Indie Gogo backers, and electronic and hard copies of the “Changing Woman” art book. Contributions of $200 or more will win original artworks. All backers will have a chance to win one of the limited edition art prints released by the project. Contributions of $3,000 will take home one of the “Changing Woman” original artworks.

- Purchase one of our merchandise products at the Changing Woman Zazzle store. The profits are destined to help funding the project.

- Participate on my art auctions, to be conducted via my Facebook fanpage Original artworks will be auctioned every week with starting bid at $70 USD. Auction dates to be announced via fanpage.

- Be one of my “Changing Woman”. You just have to have a story to tell: how being a woman has been impacted your life. Your struggles as a woman in the nowadays society. A story of neglect, abuse, injustice, and how you have overcame it. You should be willing to provide me with high resolution reference photos of yourself (later), and to record a testimony of your experience in video. I will choose 21 models/stories to become beautiful and inspiring art portraits and be featured in the project. For more details, please contact me at changingwomanproject[at]gmail.com

- If you are an artist, you can get featured in the project by submitting your piece on the theme of female empowerment, women’s rights, or the Divine Feminine. Traditional and digital art, design, photography, music, poetry, short story, video, are all welcome. You can submit image files or a link to your portfolio or website (preferable in case of music and video) and a brief bio. I am featuring one artist a day.

- Simply help spread the love! You can share the campaign on your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or other social network.

To learn more about the project, just visit the Changing Woman Tumblr site or the campaign page on IndieGogo. I hope you get involved and spread the word. :)

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