Estelle O'Brien

Estelle O'Brien

Mid North Coast, NSW, Australia

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I have returned to the fold...

I have not been on redbubble for 18 months or more….maybe 2 years…as I have not painted for that long. Life takes strange twists and turns. Everything on RB has changed…I wonder if any of my old buddies are still here?

I am about to start painting again…having thrown off the obstacles that were preventing me…..I would love to hear from any of my old pals on here who remember me.


  • Corinne Pouzet
    Corinne Pouzetover 2 years ago

    Bonjour Estelle ! I dooooooooooo remember you of course…..
    I was wondering what you were up to !!!! I so glad to have you back here.
    And now : Keep painting !

    Bisous, bisous

  • Corinne ! Dear friend! Bisous Bisous! I have missed you all so much.

    – Estelle O'Brien

  • Lora Garcelon
    Lora Garcelonover 2 years ago

    Hi Estelle – Welcome back!! Happy painting :)

  • Hi Lora….it is so nice to see you again.

    – Estelle O'Brien

  • Anne Gitto
    Anne Gittoover 2 years ago

    Hey Estelle, Good to see you are back. God bless you abundantly above all you may ask or imagine and may God strengthen and guide your hand in your new art work, through his son Jesus Christ. …♥ ☺ Have fun!!

  • Thanks Anne…I am wounded in spirit and soul at the moment…time to paint and rest in God’s love!

    – Estelle O'Brien

  • Colombe  Cambourne
    Colombe Cambo...over 2 years ago

    Estelle, here you are! Has it been that long? I’m so glad you’re back and putting behind you all that has gone wrong. Do delight us with your lovely paintings again, will you? :)

  • Hello Colombe…..what a joy to know old friends are still here. I feel like I Have been in the wilderness!

    – Estelle O'Brien

  • Marion Chapman
    Marion Chapmanover 2 years ago

    Hi Estelle
    welcome back. I’ve been away for a bit too. Lots of changes around here but some good interactive stuff happening.

  • Hi Marion, thanks for the welcome back! I see lots has changed … How do I find the groups again? It’s all so different!

    – Estelle O'Brien

  • Marion Chapman
    Marion Chapmanover 2 years ago

    Good question!

  • Priscilla Turner
    Priscilla Turnerover 2 years ago


  • Thanks Priscilla….feels like coming home.

    – Estelle O'Brien

  • Moshe Cohen
    Moshe Cohenover 2 years ago

    Welcome back Estelle.

  • MOSHE!!!!!! How are you? Still photographing the most beautiful land in earth? So good to hear you are still here!

    – Estelle O'Brien

  • © Linda Callaghan
    © Linda Callaghanover 2 years ago

    I remember you Estelle…good to see you back…yes bubble has changed a lot…seems a lot quieter …with people coming and going…but nice to see a familiar name ..welcome back!

  • Hi Linda… I’m happy to hear from you. I remember your beautiful paintings!

    – Estelle O'Brien

  • RosaCobos
    RosaCobosover 2 years ago

    Well…someone are still here, Estelle. And I would image how great would be to be remembered if I would be in the same situation. I am glad that you are going to paint again and share with us your art and soul. Wellcome to this really changed “home”
    Shalom, Estelle.

  • Rosa I am so glad you are still here. I remember your beautiful soul. Shalom, dear Rosa.

    – Estelle O'Brien