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Art Historian Grith Stagaard is the enterprising mind behind www.EroticArtLover.com.

As an art historian I am used to working with and appraising art. When I started researching erotic art some time ago I was found it to be a little acknowledged and an even less openly accepted kind of art. This is perhaps not surprising because my experience shows that most people equate erotic art with pornography.
I have therefore decided to start a business to introduce and encourage people to open their minds and eyes to the wide variety of erotic art available and I do so through www.eroticartlover.com.

Erotic art can stimulate and titillate the senses on many different levels and I have felt a positive impact myself in my own love life almost from day one that I started looking at erotic art. It is this experience and the benefit derived from that I wish to pass on to others through the Erotic Art Lover website and blog.

I am currently on the look out for artists who show couples in erotic or semi-erotic situations but any high quality erotic fine art is of interest.

  • Joined: May 2011