Thanks for viewing my work.

All images & all elements are always 100% photographed, drawn, painted or digitally designed personally. I enjoy all aspects of the creative process & relish post production as much as the shoot itself.

My current work can be licensed for commercial use and downloaded as digital file by following the Getty link on the blog page at

IMPORTANT NOTE: Very sorry, but all work featured here is under exclusive copyright license to Getty Images and cannot be copied or redistributed without prior written consent.

I love my work, but to continue to do what I love I need to make a living from photography which remains my primary income.

Thank you,

Andrew :)

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Size Matters!

I watched a documentary a few weeks back about an insider working at Amazon here in the UK and how he was expected to push a trolley around a warehouse for his shift – covering between 6 and 12 miles in that time… I couldn’t help but laugh! Here was a man in his early Twenties – the prime of his life – calling this hard work!!!! / Back in the 80’s as a student…
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Industry Direction

As a working creative in today’s digital age I face many challenges. Since photography has always been and still remains my primary source of income, I have a tightrope balance to tread between publicising and promoting my work through the various social networking sites available on the internet, whilst trying to retain copyright in my images. / With photography, the problem is two fold: 1…
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Photographic Evolution

Just musing about how photography has changed in the course of my career and how from being a budding artist as a boy working on a canvass screen before taking up photography as a career, I now work 90% of my time on a glass computer screen despite still calling myself a photographer. / As a foundation course student I remember first moving away from pencils and paint whilst getting hooked in the…
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