“inspired by nature” … that’s my motto. I understand that art is not just about making things look nice, but rather an expression of ideas that turns them inside out for the world to see. I am always on the search to find what is naturally appealing in people, animals, plants, architecture, and just everyday life, and make that the source of inspiration for the art I create. I’ve held down a corporate, stuffy, 9-5 for most of my life and have always known – but did not always have the courage until recently – to fully explore my creative side and hang up the suit and heels. While all of my past experiences have helped to give me the experience and insight that I have today, I must admit that this new chapter in my life as a FULL-TIME, self-employed, marketer/strategist/designer/artist is by far the best. I am ready to finally share my ideas and talents with the world in a way that will make a positive difference. The time is now and I AM READY!

  • Joined: May 2013