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The past two decades I’ve been working as a travel writer and photographer, combined with freelance translation and editing work in the publishing business. I’ve written books about Poland, Venice, various Mediterranean islands and regions in France, for which I also did the photography.

My favourite subjects are Street and travel photography. I love digital photography and postwork for all the possibilities that they offer, but I’m also experimenting with vintage TLR and Holga cameras.

I graduaded in classical archaeology and Greek and Latin at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Free University Amsterdam). Apart from photography I love books, good food, travel, music and art in general.

<b>Note:</b> My presence here is very new and there are things that I still have to work out. Most of my pictures (still) have a copyright notice and a title, which I see as a kind of artist’s signature. However, if you want to buy a print but the signature bothers you, let me know. I can see if I can make it less prominent or remove it.

However, the copyright of my works remain my own!
© Eric Strijbos, The Netherlands 1989-2010

  • Joined: April 2010