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I like to take photos of trains because I like to explore what trains do, how they move and work, and I like to see how you drive a train. I also like when I take pictures of special events that happen to me like the fourth of July, presidents day etc. It is also important that we learn the world around us and how trains affect our climate. Sometimes I like to take pictures of nature’s beauty. People are inherently creative. Deep down, most of us love to come up with new ideas, express who we are, or take a different perspective on the world around us.
We see this in children. Remember chalk on the footpath, crayon on the walls, or a painting stuck proudly to the fridge with a magnet? Kids love stories, they love learning about new things, they ask obvious yet somehow overlooked questions.So why do so many of us lose this spark? Is there something about growing up that leads us to become wary of our creativity? Do we lose the creative ability? Or does it just get buried beneath the responsibilities, worries and priorities of adult life?Whatever the reason, RedBubble was founded with a burning desire to bring creative expression back to the forefront of our lives. The desire to nurture and encourage creativity permeates RedBubble – including the atmosphere and culture of the community.We’re firmly of the view that the best way to encourage creative exploration and expression is through positive reinforcement. A supportive and encouraging community can do wonderful things for someone who’s taking their first creative steps after a long hiatus. Or for someone trying out a new technique. Or for someone who’s shy with their work. First and foremost the RedBubble community is about encouragement and support. We believe in the power of positive reinforcement.RedBubble is also a place to be inspired, meet like-minded folks, exchange ideas, learn, make friends and more. But the foundation of the community is its supportive and encouraging nature.
And as you start, or continue, on your RedBubble journey, please keep this in mind! In any community there will be disagreements and differences. How we handle these differences is an important element of maintaining a supportive environment on RedBubble. The following points provide a general guide for handling heated situations:
Ask yourself, is my response going to help resolve the situation? If you feel that you are being baited, remember you don’t have to respond. You can ignore it, or report it. Ask them to stop contacting you. Once you ask someone to stop commenting on your work or sending you BubbleMails, any subsequent direct communication is considered harassment. RedBubble represents a personal journey – not an ‘evangelical’ one. ‘Success’ is not defined by convincing other people that you’re right or by getting them to accept your ideas. Agree to disagree. Walk away if an exchange is not productive.

My Images Do Not Belong To The Public Domain.
All images in this portfolio are owned and © copyrighted by Eric Sanford. Any reproduction, modification, publication, transmission, transfer, or exploitation of any of the content, for personal or commercial use, whether in whole or in part, without written permission from Eric Sanford is strictly prohibited by law. All rights reserved!

My work does not belong to the public domain. No part of my work may be copied, used or distributed in any form without my written consent. None of my work may be linked to another site without my explicit agreement to do so and if any agreement is given it will be displayed, linked or acknowledge by Eric Sanford

All The Materials Contained May Not Be Reproduced, Copied, Edited, Published, Transmitted Or Downloaded in Any Way. All Rights Reserved. Copying, altering, displaying or redistribution of any of these images without written permission from Eric Sanford is strictly prohibited.


© All work is copyright and protected. Unauthorised usage, duplication, download, production or reproduction without Eric Sanford’s Permission is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved. (Every Year, it applies) All images are copyrighted and protected. Anybody who tries to break the Copyright laws of my pictures will be prosecuted and persuited if caught by me.

Do not Reproduce,Copy illegally to all Artwork, writing, Journals, ETC. If I (as Eric Sanford) catches you breaking the Copyright law, you will be prosecuted and prosuited without warning due to the laws. You may copyright my Works WITH MY PERMISSION or else, YOU HAVE NO PERMISSION TO DO THAT ACTION OR FACE THE CONEQUENCES!

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Groups that are not accepting my artworks

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT! To all groups that AREN’T ACCEPTING MY ARTWORKS! It is making it very difficult and to improve what artworks to suggest to the groups because you stupid people don’t know how to give a better reason then the overused reasons. From now on, I will not be accepting these reasons and if it keeps on continuing, I’m going to keep selecting…
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All Amtrak Regional and Acela Pictures

All Types of Amtrak Pictures were taken at the following Amtrak and Commuter Rail Stations: South Station, North Station, RTE 128, Canton Junction, Sharon, Mansfield, and Rarely Framingham. Those were all the Stations where those following Amtrak Pictures were taken at any of those Stations.
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All MBTA Commuter Rail Pictures at Stations and/or at Crossings

All of my MBTA Pictures were taken at the New England areas for people who are commenting or wondering where those pictures were taken. All MBTA Commuter Rails go up to either South Station or North Station in the Boston areas, but the MBTA T’s go either east, west, north or south of Boston to diffrent destinations either underground, or outside.
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ATTENTION! ATTENTION! This is a VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! From Now on, all of my artwork will have a copyright law saying that you can’t make illegal prints of my artwork without paying for the pictures. If you continue to make illegal prints, you will be reported, and prosecuted for this event without warning. THANK YOU FOR COOPERATING WITH ME FOLLOWING RULES!
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