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Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom

I love art ! / I paint draw and am an amatuer photographer. / My passion is realism, but I can relate to some abstract artworks, but I...

Copywrite issues

Recently I have had four images withdrawn from Redbubble, because of intellectual rights issues. I must be quite a threat for these people to take such an interest in my work ( lol) I always thought I was a very bad portrait artist but my images must be very recognisable to whoever claims the right over them. I feel quite flattered and very annoyed at the same time.
I know of others who have suffered in the same way, but as we are very small fish the scheme of things, the chances of making any sort of challenge against these folk are very remote.

I’m busy deciding weather it is worth my while remaining a member or should I just accept defeat and refrain from painting and drawing portraits !

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