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Copywrite issues

Recently I have had four images withdrawn from Redbubble, because of intellectual rights issues. I must be quite a threat for these people to take such an interest in my work ( lol) I always thought I was a very bad portrait artist but my images must be very recognisable to whoever claims the right over them. I feel quite flattered and very annoyed at the same time.
I know of others who have suffered in the same way, but as we are very small fish the scheme of things, the chances of making any sort of challenge against these folk are very remote.

I’m busy deciding weather it is worth my while remaining a member or should I just accept defeat and refrain from painting and drawing portraits !


  • Country  Pursuits
    Country Pursuitsalmost 2 years ago

    Likewise. I had a few removed recently.
    One contained the badge of Chelsea FC and they complained about it. Roman Abramovitch must be worried that he may loose a pound or 2 because of my work.
    Another was a picture of an olde style store with a wooden box with the words Móet & Chandon written on it. Yes you guessed it, that was removed because it contained those words.

  • WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
    WhiteDove Stud...almost 2 years ago

    No oooooooo.don’t give in to the haters……keep doing your thing…. I got you back brah’

  • Woodie
    Woodiealmost 2 years ago

    David Sheperd, the wildlife artist, said he didn’t mind people copying his work as long as they didn’t sign it with his name. Badges and cartoon characters are are copyright for obvious reasons.
    We all use photos from newspapers and mags to draw portraits. Where else can we get references from? Don’t give up George me’ ol’ son !! Cheers Neil

  • © Janis Zroback
    © Janis Zrobackalmost 2 years ago

    These days people are very sensitive about their copyright and sites with images of famous people or trademarks are being sent takedown notices…don’t take it personally…it actually has nothing to do with Redbubble…they have to comply with the request or they lose the site…you just have to be careful in future…

    BYRONalmost 2 years ago

    Hi George,

    Firstly, let me say that you decision whether or not to leave RedBubble would be a poorly made decision if you base it on this experience.

    RedBubble are not attacking you. They are simply responding to a complaint from a copyright owner in the manner in which they (and all other websites) are required to respond.

    Now this may seem a bit unfair… but copyright is the one thing that protects all artists and allows them to say “I created this, and no-one else may profit from my work except me”.

    Looking at your portfolio of portraits, you may be putting yourself “at risk” in two ways.

    The first way is that I am fairly certain that you have based your work on the works of other artists. That is a breach of copyright. You are not allowed to do that…. well you are allowed to create those images – you’re just not allowed to publish them (ie… upload them to the net).

    The second issue you may have is that some of the people whose image you have recreated may want to exercise their “right of publicity” – which is not a copyright issue, yet it doesn’t stop many many people incorrectly using the DMCA to have offending images removed from the internet.

    These are issues that you will face no matter whether you stay with RedBubble or go to another website.

    For more information please check out these Tutorials:


    BYRONalmost 2 years ago

    @ WhiteDove Studio…

    This isn’t about “haters” it is about artists protecting their rights and protecting what belongs to them and no-one else.

  • Lynda Robinson
    Lynda Robinsonalmost 2 years ago

    Byron has explained it all beautifully George. Please please don’t take it personally. The rules of Copyright are made to protect us all.

  • Thanks Lynda, I was just being bitchy and I know Byron was right !