are we any different? by Eranthos Beretta


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An ode to western world consumption

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  • Jordan Miscamble
    Jordan Miscamblealmost 4 years ago

    Thank you for sharing this Eranthos! Is it any wonder that we can catch diseases…etc from our livestock when we treat them with such contempt and disrespect!

  • Yes,
    my heart cries out for our four legged brothers that are pushed to live in a small prison, crawling through there own excrement, fighting for every scrap thrown to them… then we have the nerve to call them dirty creatures…. when really, at the same time, we are almost doing the same with this beautiful planet, wallowing around in our own shit, running out of space, fighting of the scraps, the difference is we push it out of our mind… and the rich stay rich… you know how the rest goes.
    thank you Jordan.

    – Eranthos Beretta

  • SPFisher
    SPFisheralmost 4 years ago

    its really horrifying when you see it like this – powerful piece

  • thank you… it was harder to see it in person, you want to do something… anything.
    Though it is our mentality, awareness and respect that needs to change

    – Eranthos Beretta

  • BigCatPhotos
    BigCatPhotosalmost 4 years ago

    Powerful indeed – excellent work.

  • Thank you big brother ;)

    – Eranthos Beretta

  • madworld
    madworldalmost 4 years ago

    Seeing images like this make me want to vomit to be honest. Ive been a vegetarian since the age of 10 and most of it has to do with the treatment of our so called first food source. NZ is going through a terrible time with our pork board at the moment due to the way they keep pigs in pens not big enough for them to even stand up in. Apparently it is standard practice here and not against any law. It disgusts me. And you know, pigs are actually some of the cleanest animals on earth, they dont like being in their own shit and they dont like living in muck. God I could go on and on with this subject lol

  • sigh
    i know… i know… it tears at the foundations of hope… I didn’t share this image to be smiled upon… more so in hope to show the disgusting truth we support every day with our silence and complacency …
    … us two legged creatures push every possible connection to our little twirly tailed brothers as far away as possible… all our greedy guts want is a piece of juicy meet wrapped neatly in see through plastic.. .lifeless, juicy, dead, tasty.

    we forever separate ourselves from the truth… living in fear of what truly is… so that we may continue to consume consume consume….

    it aches, it tears, it breaks, it flares…. the pain in the truth is hard to bare … but its truth we seek so no need to scare…

    I am truly glad you took the time to click, breathe and write…
    thank you … stay true, stay you

    – Eranthos Beretta

  • madworld
    madworldalmost 4 years ago

    Oh and the other awful thing was, when I saw this in the small feed…I actually thought they were sausages…which I guess they indeed are!! ARGGGG

  • :( … sorry to say this but… all those marked in pink were to be sent to the slaughter house the next morning….
    so as you say… they indeed were sausages…

    – Eranthos Beretta

  • SPFisher
    SPFisherover 3 years ago

    Could you please add this image to Visualizing Emotion so that we can keep your entry in the Animals challenge. Thanks!

  • rodeorose
    rodeoroseover 3 years ago

    Such a brilliant shot with strong impact- well done.

  • TatumWulff
    TatumWulffover 3 years ago

    Another great example of how we mistreat and disrespect animals.. wish they could be raised with respect, love and dignity at least, in gratitude for keeping us fed and alive…. (although I personally don’t eat pork, gave it up after seeing a small slaughter house in China a few years ago).
    Great shot… of a sad reality!

  • Josie Jackson
    Josie Jacksonover 3 years ago

    I HATE the way pigs are treated, they are such intelligent creatures and deserve to be treated with respect, I won’t go on as I’ll never finish, thank you for sharing this, it breaks ones heart…. :o(

  • Brenden Bencharski
    Brenden Bencha...over 3 years ago

    UGGGGGGG i hate how cruel the western civilazation iss. Its so disgusting.
    Well captured. by the way, how did you get this?

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