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... tasty treat, flies on the meat

because we made it that way… / fearing all that would risk a fall / turning our back on what we lack / too timid to breathe, too callous to see / content to seethe in a life without plea / for the truth my friend, lurks in how we pretend / delusions we befriend, on the external we depend / forgetting just how, the babe breaks from the bough / take a look at the now, see all we allow? / for …
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Some Rather amazing snaps from Eyjafjallajokull / Here is a taste
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Melbournian Snaps

Howdy all, / I just put together an album of photos of friends and family in and around melbourne. / You can check it out here / You do not need an account to have a look at the photos :) / I just thought i would share this with my RB family. / Enjoy / ~Peace / here is a taste:
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To all those in bubble land / I would like to share a thing quite grand / This morning I woke to gift so sweet / upon the homepage I found my seat / Now with a smile of the goofy kind / I must share what’s in my mind / A thanks for all who enjoy my shots / I love you all, I love you lots!
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