Rochdale, United Kingdom

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Graduated in Fine Art from Manchester University with an BA (Hons) Degree in Sculpture. Taught briefly before recognising art is about creating, left the therapy and education to those who thrive off it. Now explores the medium of Digital Art and Photography.

Refuses to be pigeon holed and loves everything from the human form to landscape. Likes to look at concepts whether they are about light & dark, shapes, feelings, movement, emotions, colour, relationships, nudes or any of the almost infinite number there are.

Creates for himself but loves to intrigue or entertain others. Hopefully thought provoking or at least visually exciting. Try to look beyond just the image, read the context and place yourself within the frame.

Turned to the pen and left the brushes with the easel for a while as his first novel ‘Snow Twins’ is published for kindle

  • Joined: December 2011