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“I’m not interested in Normal humans. Any aliens, Time Travelers, or Espers, come see me. That is all”-Haruhi Suzumiya

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Hawk. Fuji. Eggplant.

I just want to wish you all the happiest of Holidays and a very merry new year. Everyone’s incredible support for me and me designs every day moves me beyond words, and I’m eternally grateful to all of you. Your love has kept me going, and I hope I can bring you even more designs next year! Thank you again, and may you have a new year’s dream of a familiar Hawk, Fujisan, or Eggp…
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Pillows and Totes!

Hey everyone! Thanks for all your support and buying! I’ll try and keep up the designing and learning! As you may have noticed redbubble has put up some spiffy new things like totes & pillows, Give them a look! Also a big thanks for making SAO Cleared one of the top Anime-inspired designs, it means alot! / Thanks again, and may the Otaku be with you always!^^ / -EpcotServo
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Happy New Year!

Thanks to everyone who’s shopped and bought my works over the year, your support has been incredible and kept me going! Next year I’ll try even harder and get even cooler/better designs out thanks to your help! Until then, here’s to a New Year’s Dream with Fuji, Hawk, Eggplant, and Haruhi! / Have a Happy New Year! / -EpcotServo^^
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Newly added two cool calendars full of either my Otaku or Park works, perfect for keeping track of the year whilst showing off all the cool stuff you love! Also lowered the royalty down two dollars, because sticking around with my works all years means alot to me! Thanks for looking, and as always ENJOY!^^ / -EpcotServo
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