Smoke Haze Sunrise Over Perth - November 26 2011

These Photos were taken on Sunday November 26 2011.

Perth awoke to a smoky morning which was the result overnight winds pushing smoke from bushfires in the Margaret River region which have been burning over the last week.

There was a strong smell of smoke and a thick haze which resulted in a spectacular sunrise with some great colours just before sunrise, and a pink sun as it poked though the haze, and as it rised higher the sun turned orange and yellow Here are some of the photos:

Kelmscott/Roleystone Bushfire

Some photos taken during the Perth Black Sunday bushfire on Sunday February 6 2011. This was the fire in the hills around the Perth suburbs of Kelmscott and Roleystone, there was also another major fire in North East of Perth in the Swan Valley The Fires were believed to have been caused by power lines arcing together during very strong winds, and also from someone using a angle grinder. The Weather Bureau had issued a severe weather warning for strong winds, as well as a fire danger warning the night before. There were 72 homes destroyed by the fires making it one of the worst brushfires in WA history. There was also another minor fire in the Suburb of Ferndale and Cannington, but that didn’t do any damage to property, and was quickly contained.

My photos are from the Kelmscott/Ro…