Frustrated With 5DMkII Low Light Autofocus!

I’ve had the opportunity to shoot in low light and at night on a few occasions with my new 5DMkII And I am kinda disappointed with the poor low light Autofocus performance which is a real shame because it’s a fantastic camera, Let down by it’s poor AF performance.…

I’m not just talking about shooting in the dark, I’m talking about as soon as it becomes a bit dark the AF will hunt and refuse to lock focus, Even when you have the AF point right onto something you would expect it to lock onto!

My 40D performed much better, And in a way I feel that I have gone back a step with the 5DMkII. The lack of a inbuilt flash also means you now don’t have AF assist by using the inbuilt flash. I’m not going to buy a external flash just to get some AF assist, So it looks like I will need to get myself a t

My 5DMkII Mini Review

I’ve had the chance to get used to my 5DMkII now and here are my thoughts.…

The Body

The camera is nicely built and is very solid, It’s bigger then my previous cameras, And has a nice hand grip. From the back, To me it looks allot like a 40D/50D. I like the lack of a inbuilt flash, Because it makes the camera look a bit better, And the overhang doesn’t get in the way, However, I do miss the built in flash, And have gone to press the flash release button only to remember that I don’t have a built in flash, Which does come in handy when I need a quick bit of flash, Or for a bit of fill flash. It’s a shame that Canon doesn’t release a small compact sized flash like Nikons SB-400 (I know there is the 220EX, But that’s still big and not as useful as the SB-400) But I don’t use flash in my type

Got my 5DMkII - First Impressions

I just picked up my 5DMkII Premium kit today and all I can say is wow!…

I haven’t had the chance to play with it yet because I’m waiting for the battery to charge up, And once I’ve used it for a bit and go out and take some photos I will write up a mini review.

But here are my first impressions on the new camera:

The viewfinder is nice and big, And very bright, Allot better then the viewfinders on a APS-C camera. The AF points also light up much brighter then on a APS-C camera.

The camera feels really solid and well built, And it feels good to hold. The camera isn’t to small, And the hand grip isn’t to small either. It feels similar to the 50D, But slightly bigger.

The LCD screen is the same one found on the 50D, Which I found to be really good (When I had my 50D) It has anti reflective la

My D300 hands on review

Well I had the D300 for a little over a week so I didn’t really get to test the full abilities of the camera, But here is my mini review coming from a Canon shooter and this is comparing it with my previous cameras which have been a 300D, 20D, 40D, And 50D and a Fuji S2 Pro.…

What I liked

The D300 had a really nice build quality, It felt very solid and well built, And it felt nice to hold, With a nice sized hand grip.

The viewfinder was really nice, Big, Bright and covered 100% of the frame and it was easy to read the settings. The thing with Nikon cameras, Everything in the viewfinder is done using LCD, Rather then being etched like a Canon camera. So when you look through the viewfinder, You don’t see the AF point until the camera locks AF, Then the AF points will light up. There is also

Gone and got myself A Nikon

Yes you read it right, A guy going by the name of EOS20 Now uses A Nikon!…

After having problems with my 50D and having to return that, I decided I would give Nikon a go, So I picked up a D300 today. After racking my brain out trying to decide between the D300 And D700, I ended up going with the D300. As much as I liked the D700, I think I will spend the extra money on building up my new lens system before getting a more expensive camera and I got a good deal on the D300 kit, So I bit the bullet and got the D300.

So far I’m happy with my decision, The D300 is a fantastic camera! Puts all my other cameras I’ve owned in the past to shame! I should have made the switch sooner! LOL

Here is a pic of my new toy:

Now I just need to learn how to use it (And get use to all the new features and fun

Not Happy Canon!!

I returned my 50D That I bought last week after experiencing the dreaded “Error 99” problem which has been discussed on many of the forums etc. Apparently Canon decided to use cheap gold lens contacts due to the price of gold, But it has meant that the camera won’t communicate properly with the lens. Apparently Canon will be changing the part on the future production models, But the first few batches have the “Sub standard” parts installed.…

I thought it would be better just to return the camera, Rather then have to deal with getting warranty repairs done further down the track.

Now I’m waiting for the 5DMkII, But I am also seriously thinking about getting a Nikon instead! With all the problems with past camera releases (1DMkIII AF Issues, 40D AI AF Problems, 1DsMkIII Viewfinder misalignme

Aftermarket Neck Strap Mini Review

I picked up a Tamrac N5057 “Boomerang” Neck strap the other day to use with my new 50D, And what a difference it makes! It’s so much better then the stock straps I’ve been using all these years! And with mine, You have the added benefit of quick release clips, So you can take the strap off when you don’t need it (Eg. Working on a tripod) And it also has two memory card holders! The strap is nice and padded, And is made of wetsuit material, And is easy to wash, And is waterproof.

The strap is nice and wide, And is shaped to fit around your neck nicely, And is also comfortable over your shoulder.

I got mine from a local camera store for $30, And it’s well worth the money!!

Here is a pic of the strap:

Got A New Toy! (EOS 50D)

I sold my 40D shortly after the 5DMkII Was announced and was planning on upgrading to that. But I managed to get a great deal on A 50D and after some thinking, And dealing with withdrawals from not having a camera I finally bit the bullet today and got myself a 50D.…

I might still get a 5DMkII next year when it becomes widely available, And the price starts to settle, And probably will keep the 50D as a backup.

I haven’t had the chance to play with my new toy yet, I’ve just taken it out of the box and I’m waiting for the battery to charge. It doesn’t look like I will get a chance to take any serious pics today as it’s very grey and overcast outside at the moment.

Here’s a pic:

The Red bull Air Race is on here in Perth Next week, So I will give my new toy a good workout then I’m sure!

I wi

Signs Group Launched!

Me and jazzyjane Have just launched a new group today called Signs And as the name suggests, It’s a group dedicated to all things signs!

This can include things such as road signs, Advertising, Shop signs, Etc.

We currently don’t have any members. So please feel free to come and sign up for our group!

Signs Group

True Blue Aussie Story

Lets all get on the blower and chuck a sicky on Tuesday and get really pissed on Mundee. It would be great, But the boss would most likely chuck a wobbly and go Berko on Wednesday and might even give you the sack. Then when your Missus finds out you will proberly have a blue and you’ll be getting a good Earbashing, Then the better half will go walkabout, She’ll be off like a bag of prawns in the hot sun, Just out of the blue she will pack up and blow through. But don’t worry she’ll be back after Brekky since she’s got no Brass, But you’ve got Buckley’s chance of getting a shag, But thats not a issue since she a bush pig and a bit of a dingbat and she’s noisy as a Dunny door in a storm. But you married her because your no catch, And a bit of a drip, A drongo and a half wit yourself and yo…

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