First day out with my new EOS 7D - First Impressions

I finally got the opportunity to get out and have a play with my new Canon EOS 7D today so I thought I would just write about my first impressions. I will write a review once I’ve used the camera for a while and try out all the features.

This is definitely the best Canon camera I’ve owned, and as good as the Nikon D300 I had. The 7D is very well designed!

The pictures right out of the camera really pop! Great colours and lots of detail. It reminds me of the great picture quality I got from my 5DMkII.

The autofocus works great, and you can now choose “Zone focusing” where you can select a few AF points from the 19 point layout rather then use all the AF points, or having to manually select a single point, a great feature!

The viewfinder is allot better then the previous Canon crop sensor cameras, and I would say it’s very similar to the 5DMkII in size, and it now covers 100% of the frame so you can see everything that will be captured in the final photo.
The new Viewfinder grid is great! Really helps with composition and getting straight horizons. There is also a electronic level built into the camera, but I haven’t used it yet (haven’t shot on my tripod with the 7D yet).

The 18-135 IS lens is a nice walkabout lens on the 7D and looks pretty sharp from all the photos I’ve taken with it today, The only thing I found was, it vignettes slightly at the telephoto end (You can also see the vignetting in the viewfinder too when your zooming!) but it’s very easy to correct, and in most cases, you won’t notice it.

The autofocus is decent, but not as good as one of the Ultrasonic motor lenses. There is a real manual focus ring on this lens, but it’s not a full time manual focus ring (You have to switch the lens into MF mode to manual focus) and the ring turns when the camera auto focuses. The front element doesn’t rotate though, so using a polarising filter isn’t a problem.

Overall, I’m very impressed with the camera and lens combo. I will upload a few photos once I’ve sorted them out, so keep a lookout in my folio.

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