Time for yet another name change! - EOS7D

My new EOS 7D arrived today and now I’m sitting here waiting patiently for the battery to charge up so I can try it out. I can’t wait to get out and test it out!

I also got the new EF-S 18-135 IS lens which will be my walkabout lens on this camera. I chose this lens because of it’s nice zoom range and should be a nice light weight lens for me to replace the 18-55 IS I had with my 500D. (Much lighter then the 35-350!) and I got the kit for a bit more then the body only.

The new lens feels great paired up with the 7D! It feels like this lens was made for the camera! The lens has a decent build quality and has a metal lens mount.

I haven’t had a chance to try it out on the 7D yet (Still waiting for the battery to charge) but I shot a couple test shots using my old 300D and the lens seems sharp, and the AF performs good for a non Ultrasonic motor lens. The IS seems to work well, and it’s pretty silent (You don’t really notice it when it’s engaged) Colours and contrast and sharpness look good from the test shots I’ve taken so far.

The camera feels really solid, and the viewfinder is massive! It’s allot bigger then the 500D’s viewfinder for sure! it’s also noticeably larger then the viewfinder on the 40D/50D, I would say it’s about the same as the Nikon D300’s viewfinder. You now don’t get the Etched AF points when you look through the viewfinder though (It’s all electronic like on the Nikon’s) so the view though the viewfinder is totally clear. It’s also dim when there is no battery installed because the new viewfinder is battery dependent (Just like the Nikon viewfinders) so I haven’t had a chance to see how bright the viewfinder is because I’m waiting for the battery to charge, but I will write up a mini review after I’ve had the chance to use the camera properly.

Anyway, I can’t wait to get out and try out the new camera, I will write up a 7D Review once I’ve had the chance to get use to the new camera, and shot with it for a while, in the meantime keep a eye out on my folio for some photos taken with the new camera and lens.

Here’s the camera:


  • Lorraine Creagh
    Lorraine Creaghabout 5 years ago

    Wow…congratulations……look forward to seeing some shots.

  • Daniel Rayfield
    Daniel Rayfieldabout 5 years ago

    oOOOOOoooh you lucky bugger! enjoy it now while spring is sprung and the flowers are in bloom! Brilliant, makes me want to upgrade my 300d, the time will come…… enjoy!!!!

  • Chris Clark
    Chris Clarkabout 5 years ago

    have fun and take plenty of pics

  • Shelley Warbrooke
    Shelley Warbrookeabout 5 years ago

    So so jealous! This is what I want to upgrade to when I have a lot of spare cash waiting to be spent…

  • Cheryl Ridge
    Cheryl Ridgeabout 5 years ago

    You know I am always interested in your reviews – bring it on :-)

  • AmandaWitt
    AmandaWittabout 5 years ago

    Sounds like good stuff!

  • Dave  Hartley
    Dave Hartleyabout 5 years ago

    Certainly be interested in your thoughts on the 7D – and the lens when you get a chance – cheers

  • Michael  Bermingham
    Michael Bermi...about 5 years ago

    You Lucky Bastard!
    I am going to get one of these babies to replace my 40D (will still keep it as a second body)
    Where did you purchase yours from? And at what price (if you dont mind me asking)
    I dont know if its worth buying one locally in a camera shop, over the internet from the eastern states, or from overseas via ebay!

  • Jeff  Burns
    Jeff Burnsabout 5 years ago

    Mine is on backorder cant wait to get it

  • Normf
    Normfalmost 5 years ago

    Hi EOS20,
    Can’t wait to see your shots,
    I have a 7D to go with my 40D, which I’m still inlove with (flogged off the 400D to help pay for it). So what do I think? Well I don’t have any reservations about recommending it! It was an interesting process for me. I was saving up for a 5D Mark11 when this was announced and I did a lot of soul searching about it. The 5d11 is a remarkable camera and you only have to look at some of Simon Whittaker’s shots to see how well it handle blacks, noise etc (and how extremely sharp it is) (Oh but of course Simon is a great photographer anyway). While contemplating this I asked myself “what is it I really do with the camera?”. I was going to open a forum discussion on the subject! As you know I’m primarily a wildlife photographer and because of the challenges in getting in close the “cropping factor” was an important consideration for me i.e. my 100-400mmL lens equates to a whopping 620mm!! A very handy focal length when chasing shy birds. I decided that was important for me as the cost of a 600mm was “Mortgage busting”!!
    So I decided to get the 7d and also shout myself the superb new 2.8 100mm is L Macro lens (a brilliant lens who’s sharpness exceeds the Nyqist frequency of the 5d and 7d, that means it’s sharper than the camera sensor can record, very rare, but that’s another story see http://www.dpreview.com/lensreviews/canon_100_2...).
    I found the quality reviews of the 7d to be excellent and really impressed but the forums actually displayed lots of issues! This made me wonder what the problem is. I’ve now researched the issue and to be frank the 7d is NOT a point and shoot camera. What I mean by that is that it’s a very sophisticated machine. Most of the negative forums I read people were complaining about things the camera did WHICH IT IS ACTUALLY PROGRAMMED TO DO!!). This camera doesn’t have the normal “amateur settings i.e. landscape, portraits, macro etc, you really do need to read the manual to get the best out of it. For example I read one forum where people were complaining that if an object walked in front of a focused subject it would refocus on the closer object. Well that is exactly the default setting, which is very easily changed. I suppose I’m saying that it’s not a “mugs” camera. So how have I found it? In a word “BRILLIANT”!! My first shots were the number pad on my phone as soon as I charged the battery, I found the numbers had textures I couldn’t see with my naked eye, but the camera picked it up. As soon as I got home I pointed the camera at the moon and took a couple of shots changing the metering between evaluated and spot metering, amazing results!! I then came across a cicada (all before waling in the house with the new camera) and too a shot (see here: http://www.redbubble.com/people/normf/art/40958... ) Is this camera as good as the 5dm11, probably not but it’s half the price and the 5dm11 is NOT twice as good (by a long shot). The 7d is one hell of a camera and one of the most advanced camera on the market today, brilliant focus system, brilliant noise handling, so sharp (big files though), very fast and extremely flexible.
    Can I recommend you read the review on Digital Photography Review http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canoneos7dhttp:... ? There’s my two bobs worth. Good to yearn with you Di!
    Kind Regards

    PS you know not all the upgrades are good this one is, I loved my 300d, diappointed with the 400d, tried out a friends 50d and didn’t believe it was as good as the 40, and also see disapointing results with the 500! Loving the 7d and 40d

  • Hi Norm,

    The 7D is a incredible camera, by far the best Canon crop sensored camera I’ve owned, and just about as good as the Nikon D300 I had.

    I owned a 5DMkII when they first came out, but ended up selling it earlier this year because I was very disappointed and frustrated with the poor autofocus from that camera, and considering how much I paid for that camera, I didn’t think it was worth the money spent. That is why I bought a Nikon, but I preferred the results from my Canon’s, so ended up selling the Nikon, and getting a 500D while I waited for the 60D (I had a 50D, but ended up returning it due to problems with the camera, and I wasn’t impressed with the picture quality compared to the 40D that I was shooting before) but then Canon announced the 7D which was the camera I was hoping Canon would announce. The 7D is by far the best Canon I’ve owned, and the picture quality and high ISO performance from this camera is great! The 5D2 does really well at the extreme end of the ISO’s where ISO 12,800 is still usable, and it also does ISO 25,600. I find I can get good results up to ISO 3200 with barely any noticeable noise from the 7D, and ISO 6400 is still pretty usable with some noise reduction applied, ISO 12,800 is still usable for small prints, or just uploading to the web, the 7D does well for a crop sensored camera, and is definitely better the the 50D! and holds up well to the 5D2.

    You might want to read My 7D Mini Review

    I had the 18-135 IS kit lens when I first got the camera because I couldn’t find anyone selling the 15-85 IS kit, but I finally found the 15-85 IS lens so I sold the kit lens, and got the new lens, It’s really good! Super sharp, and has great corner performance too! I’ve owned allot of L series lenses over the years, and a few Nikon Pro lenses, and the new 15-85 IS performs as good as the “Pro” lenses, I would say that the new lens is about as good as the 24-105 IS on the 5DMkII and it makes a great standard lens for the 7D.

    – EOS20