Frustrated With 5DMkII Low Light Autofocus!

I’ve had the opportunity to shoot in low light and at night on a few occasions with my new 5DMkII And I am kinda disappointed with the poor low light Autofocus performance which is a real shame because it’s a fantastic camera, Let down by it’s poor AF performance.

I’m not just talking about shooting in the dark, I’m talking about as soon as it becomes a bit dark the AF will hunt and refuse to lock focus, Even when you have the AF point right onto something you would expect it to lock onto!

My 40D performed much better, And in a way I feel that I have gone back a step with the 5DMkII. The lack of a inbuilt flash also means you now don’t have AF assist by using the inbuilt flash. I’m not going to buy a external flash just to get some AF assist, So it looks like I will need to get myself a torch now.

I don’t know why Canon couldn’t have updated the AF with the cross type sensors used in the 40D/50D AF system, Which did make a difference! It’s kind of disappointing considering how much of a price difference between the 40D/50D And the 5DMkII and how after 3 years Canon couldn’t find a way to improve the AF system!

The AF in my old D300 puts the 5DMkII to shame!

I don’t know how anyone could even consider using the 5DMkII for sports!

Anyway, Thats just a bit of a update that I thought I would share with those looking at purchasing a 5DMkII.

I might even look with parting with mine if someone were to persuade me with a decent offer ;)

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