Not Happy Canon!!

I returned my 50D That I bought last week after experiencing the dreaded “Error 99” problem which has been discussed on many of the forums etc. Apparently Canon decided to use cheap gold lens contacts due to the price of gold, But it has meant that the camera won’t communicate properly with the lens. Apparently Canon will be changing the part on the future production models, But the first few batches have the “Sub standard” parts installed.

I thought it would be better just to return the camera, Rather then have to deal with getting warranty repairs done further down the track.

Now I’m waiting for the 5DMkII, But I am also seriously thinking about getting a Nikon instead! With all the problems with past camera releases (1DMkIII AF Issues, 40D AI AF Problems, 1DsMkIII Viewfinder misalignment and AF Issues) I’m starting to loose confidence in Canon. Who knows what issues face the first lot of 5DMkII Owners…..

Not Happy!! ~;-(


  • Travis Easton
    Travis Eastonalmost 6 years ago

    woah, not good, all the best with whatever new toy you end up with. Might need to change your bubble profile name.

  • adrian76
    adrian76almost 6 years ago

    What a messed up thing to happen – nothing worse than having a new purchase ruined by something like that.

    The 5DMkII looks the goods, and should be well worth waiting for. I won’t try and tempt you over to the dark side, but I have a new D700 which is performing quite well :D

  • Yes, The D700 Is looking very temping now…..

    – EOS20

  • fruswife
    fruswifealmost 6 years ago

    Wow – that’s a really shortsighted attitude from Canon!! I’m amazed they would risk their reputation on a bodgy piece of equipment in the short term! Thanks for the heads up…

  • Virginia McGowan
    Virginia McGowanalmost 6 years ago

    do you mind telling me what an Errror 99 is? plse :-)

  • Error 99 is a miscellaneous error, But in this case, It’s caused by A communication error between the camera and the lens.

    – EOS20

  • PaulA
    PaulAover 5 years ago

    I’m afraid it never pays to be an early adopter of new cameras. I usually wait for the first firmware revision. This doesn’t help you at the moment though.

  • EOS20
    EOS20over 5 years ago

    Canon has released Firmware 1.0.3 Today which corrects the Error 99 Problem!

    Should have waited! LOL

    Anyway, I will wait till the 5D2 comes out before getting a replacement camera for now…..

  • Peter Hill
    Peter Hillover 5 years ago

    almost got tempted with a Nikon D3 the other day. Turned out to be a scam, police got involved. hang in there ….!

  • Keegan Wong
    Keegan Wongover 5 years ago

    Probably a sign mate, the 5D mkII is calling… haha. I’m surprised Canon would do such a thing to save costs considering the amount we pay for our equipment already…isn’t the markup enough for them already?

  • Martin Pot
    Martin Potover 5 years ago

    I don’t believe that the original story about cheap gold on the contacts has every been officially verified…so it’s all heresay ;-)

    I’ve had my 50D (with firmware 1.0.1) for 4 weeks, and haven’t had any occurrence of an ERR99 yet. However, I will be installing this new firmware later today.

  • BigD
    BigDover 5 years ago

    Wow! I am glad you mentioned this because I was thinking about getting a 50D. Thanks