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The pitfalls of owning a SLR

As some of you may know from my previous journal entries that I recently acquired a new lens (Canon 100-400 IS). The lens has been great, BUT it has attracted allot of attention and brought allot of attention towards me while out and about shooting.

In the past month I have received more “comments” about my gear then I have in the whole time I’ve been shooting! :P

Here are some examples of the comments I’ve overheard since I got this lens:

“Look at the size of that lens”
“That must have cost a fortune”
“Thats a really big camera”
“Look mummy that man has a telescope”
“Thats a F ’in big a** lens”
“That must be heavy to carry around all day long”
“Thats a lens only professionals use”
Lots of Wows

And lots of stares at me and my camera by other photographers, then the disappointed look at their own cameras! LOL

So if your looking for a lens for candid and street photography, it might be best you look for something a little less conspicuous!

Anyone else have any similar experiences with working with their gear??

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