The things you do to get the shot!

Being a landscape photographer I find myself in unusual situations and shooting positions to “Get the shot” Well today I found myself standing in the middle of a river to get into a good position to shoot some fast flowing rapids! I thought it would be a good way to clean off the mud I had all over my shoes from my earlier walk along the river bank through thick mud since it had been raining overnight and was still drizzling while I was out shooting (It ended up poring down with rain as I left).

There I was standing knee deep in fast flowing water with my 20D and 17-40 lens and my monopod, Meanwhile the few people who where out enjoying the view from the river bank must had thought I was mad! :D
When I finished and crossed back to the river bank and walked out with my pants drenched I did get a few weird looks from “my spectators” who must have thought I was crazy or something! But being a photographer, we all know its not how you get the shot, But getting the shot at almost any cost! But you need to be a photographer to truly understand our form of madness. ;)


  • bidkev
    bidkevabout 7 years ago

    Good for you that you’ve got some water to stand in :-)


  • dairygirl
    dairygirlabout 7 years ago

    hi EOS20, I completely understand what you are saying, that’s like me standing on a cliff face to get a good shot of the sea, then hi tide hit no warning and I was nearly a goner, thank god I just got a broken foot out of it.
    and standing under the motor bikes at the races as they jumped.
    hope you had fun

  • Cheryl Ridge
    Cheryl Ridgeabout 7 years ago

    Or the times I have been out birding.
    Aiming up into a tree trying to track a tiny bird, back back, turnaround and there is a Tiger snake curled up about 4 feet from me. Fortunately he slithered off.

    Or the time I stood on a bull ant nest and had bull ants running up and down inside my trousers. Immense panic!

    Or the time I got near to a bee hive and ended up with a couple bees trapped in my hair!!

  • DataShine
    DataShineabout 7 years ago

    I have some lovely shots of the California coastline. My wife has some lovely shots of me at the cliff edge, then later scrambling back (one handed) from the cliff up a slope of loose dirt … the expression “gnarly” comes to mind ;)
    I suspect though that “gnarly” may occassionaly translate to “stoopid” (and/or prove otherwise unhealthy). Anyway, you get used to the strange looks that people give you :-)

  • EOS20
    EOS20about 7 years ago

    I’ve also done some other “Crazy things” like climbing down rocks to get the the bottom of gorge at Kalbarri national park when the river was flooded (Again People watched in disbelief, and must have thought I was mad). I’ve also climbed up trees to get higher perspective, I’ve even brought a ladder with me on a couple of occasions when out shooting landscapes! :P
    I’ve stood in the back of a Ute with the camera setup on a tripod on the cab to get the shot due to low lying scrub (Other people that also wanted to shoot still tried to avoid :“getting in the way of my shot” despite the camera being about 10 meters off the ground! LOL

    I’ve also stood in the water at the beach on many occasions to shoot (But then again I was prepared to get my feet wet).

    The things we do!! :D

  • Di Edwards
    Di Edwardsabout 7 years ago

    Ha, what a coincidence. I found myself wading in shorts and thongs down a rapidly flowing creek yesterday with the dogs constantly dropping balls for me to throw and barking at me when I wouldn’t lower the camera to pay attention to them. I got out with my bum soaked and sore feet and knees from manoevering around fallen trees and over logs to get snaps of mushrooms attached to logs and oddly shaped trees and the boys are knackered today and so am I LOL Still working out if I got any good enough to share :(

  • Popular Mr
    Popular Mrabout 7 years ago

    Jump the fence at a race track and leopard crawled to just behind the tyre wall and setup my gear all under the nose of the track marshall. It wasn’t a professional race, just a normal track day.

    It’s not dangerous. There’s heaps of run off and noone ever hits the tyre wall.

  • ShaneBooth
    ShaneBoothabout 7 years ago

    Micheal , you have forgotten the countless hours spend driving to locations, slipping on wet rocks and standing in the rain think ‘its got to let up soon’

  • Melinda Kerr
    Melinda Kerrabout 7 years ago

    I spent a week in Congo after bribing to get the camera into the country in the firt place. Everytime I pulled the camera out I had to make sure not soldiers were watching or it was jail. Nasty jail. Problem is, I looked like Casper the friendly ghost so life was a bit scary for a while there. Unreal though!

  • debfuller
    debfullerabout 7 years ago

    I get a lot of people looking at me, like I’m freeky, when I’m geting that perfect shot of a flower. On my stair way I had to go back as far back as I could go on a cliff leaning backward. Got the shot I was after and my dad thought I was insain, telling me not to fall. Also on fair day, I was taking photos through the rails and almost got hit by two different young bulls. One of them looked at me snorted and took off, he came out blurry. the other one being chased, got that one.