Getting Started

I started looking at pictures today. I added a few to my favorites as I browsed and I realized something very interesting.

Instead of placing into my favorites the pictures I might appreciate at any time as beautiful.

(And believe you me, there are some gorgeous pieces on this site. The use of colors and the placement of details are amazing. Some are technical wonders. Others are amusing. And some remind me of places I’ve been and things I’ve seen.)

I was instead choosing the pictures that inspired me to find a story. There are corridors that lead to hidden worlds, and strangers hiding behind columns – giggling at the new-comer, and a sweet love story from a lonely umbrella. There’s a SciFi novel waiting for me to work on it and a thriller that leaves its hero contemplating the European city below and asking for help from the saint’s statue nearby.

The fact that I prefer life in my pictures is nothing new. I don’t like plain landscapes, or static scenes. I prefer impressionism to realism. And yet, I don’t think of life as simply people in the scene. Life is the story that’s hiding behind a rusted gate or breathing from a deserted barn that’s lived so long, it’s just waiting for the grandchildren to say goodbye before it collapses.

This site has been wonderful for getting my creative juices flowing, and for that, I thank all of the artists here.

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