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Timmins, Canada


2009 a year of following the Muse. timmins ontario canada

Hi Red bubble friends.I would like to say ,that I have now been bubbling for 2 months , In this short time I have begun to form a few friendships and met numerous artists who have generously given of their time to comment on the work of a new person to this site and new to the art field.
I want to say thank you to all the groups who have accepted my work in the groups and those who have awarded me features,.I am astounded.!! The hosts of the groups so eager to help,to set me on the right path ,and answer questions they are asked over and over again in a friendly manner., they help.
My first solo Art show is up now and shows dec2 to dec31 at a local gallery here in Timmins ontario. The grand openning was this past tues 5 30 til730 and well attended withfriends ,but also those who just love art.
I am posting a couple of photos of this event to let you see a little of the place and the event.This was truely a year of firsts .I started painting last dec.,then joined our local art club in Jan.March found me in my first exibition called distorted perspective and my entry was Coat of many Colours Toronto Cityscape.It is posted on my home page.I attended my first wokshop in may , a Pencil crayon drawing workshop, where I drew my grand daughter Arianna Concentrating ,this is also posted here if you wish to see it.A tour outting to a nearby tourist venue the Polar bear sanctuary garnered me many photos and paintings also posted here.Save me Save the planet was painted for Earthday and made the 2 newspapers,and was a cover on the front page.I hope this does not make you think I am writting this to brag, but I want to chronicle this year to maybe help some one else to trust themselves and try what they think is impossible.September I was encouraged to enter my first juried exhibition. I learned about hanging and laybling and naming my paintings ,and the paying of fees and shipping,all new to me.I sent two paintings and forgot about them.Our art club was asked by a new gallery to place paintings there so again I prepaired paintings and helped out ,.low and behold one of my 2 paintings was accepted into the juried show and is now travelling the north for a year, along withn39 others .How cool is that ! We also had art in the park in the fall and an art sale at the local museum in december.
I had looked at this site for 6or m7 months till I got up enough nerve to join.Here I learned about photographing my entries so the frames and walls don,t appear as a distraction .I have become a little better at typing ,as this is something else to learn.I am still trying to navigate my way around redbubble,with lots of help from the hosts of the groups and other kind bubblers wiser than myself. I have not as yet set up sales here,thumbnails ,card designing , framing around my work ,this is all on my agenda for next year.I have marked some tutorials to study over the holidays as I have a long way yet to understand this technology ie; I did not even know what cut and paste was HAA,newby .I even had to ask another bubbler what :))or (:) was ,I did not know.
I have begun to enter challenges and to create things specificly for a challenge,usually I just paint whatever ,whenever.
Redbubble is a great learning enviroment with tremendous artists to gain knowlege from , people who understand.There are artists here who have many many years of painting,drawing,photography skills,those with art degrees and those who teach at all levels as well as the self taught. All seem to give so freely of their time.to whoever needs or asks for it. I commend you all sincerely from my heart ,I thank you .Please do not stop, it takes time to be here ,but know you are appreciated more than you will ever know. Passing it forward helps you as well ,so thank you again in Friendship . LIZ .

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