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(Host Tutorial) Group cleaning

This Tutorial is for all the host out here that are trying to keep a limit on the pages of works within the group that they host….
I have gone through many blogs and instructions to create a JavaScript that would take care of this automatically but I do not speak or read alien…Should have not taken French in high school.
So from what I have found searching for an easier way was in an add-on for Firefox called “iMacros” by “iOpus” basically what this add-on does is records the things you do on the web and then it can do the same thing by itself or “macro”…You will have to tell it to start by double clicking a link or click a link then click play…It works pretty well I have asked the Hosts over in the "All that is Nature’: group to allow me to figure out weather or not this thing works and sure enough after removing one image from the group I was able to program it to remove a complete page of works …with all that said I will show you how I created the link for the program to follow and I promise I will not speak alien maybe a little french but not alien…
Here it is in action

NOTE: You cannot go to other pages while this program is removing works.

First you will need to get the add on for Firefox assuming you have Firefox if not click the image below to get it.

Now you need the add-on get that Here

The add-on comes with a lot of examples to get you started on creating your own macros but I have removed them all from the version that I have installed.

If you wish to install it on Internet Explorer (Get it Here)
If you wish to install it on Google Chrome (Get it Here) …….These instructions will be the same for the other browsers but the images may be different then what is posted in this Tutorial.

First we need to open iMacros the shortcut key is ‘F8’ or on the file menu click “view” scroll down to “sidebar” and the menu that pops out will have "iOpus iMacros F8’ just click the text and it will open in your browsers side bar…I use the F8 key…

Now lets create the macro for the group.
For this example I am going to create a macro to delete images after page 500 in the group or images on page 501 and above.
The lower window has 3 tabs play,rec and edit click the ‘Rec’ tab (see image below).

Go to the groups art section and and navigate to the page you want to remove images from in my example that would be page 501.
Note: There must be at least one image on the page.

Now click the ‘Record’ button in the window on the left. This will tell the program to watch what you do and keep the information for later.

Click the ‘remove’ link under the first image on the page then click the ‘ok’ in the confirmation box…Now click the ‘stop’ button on the sidebar
This will create a new file in the macro window see below…

you can right click the title and select ‘rename’ to give it a clever title

as I have done with this one.

Now you have just created a macro to delete the first image on page ?yournumber? of your group.

That was the hard part now to make this thing work for you just open the iMacros in your sidebar (love the F8 key shortcut for this) then click the macro you created….
Then if the Play tab is not selected click that tab.

Now we all know there is always more than just one image to remove from the group so in the lower section there is an option to repeat the macro…I always put 50 in this box and then click the ‘Play (Loop)’ button.

What if there aren’t 50 images to remove you ask…don’t worry the macro will time out when it has no more links to click which only takes a few seconds…
The above creation works great but if you want to speed it up a bit…see the next section.

EDIT that macro to speed it up

Lets make the macro remove a complete page of works by editing the macro we will add more steps..don’t worry this is done easily by copying and pasting the code you already created….

Doing this will also allow you to just double click the macro and it will remove a page of works by itself…no need to use the repeat macro function to remove a complete page of works.

Start by selecting the macro you created…
Then click the ‘Edit’ tab

Now highlight the two lines of code that needs to be repeated…
Right click the highlighted text and select ‘Copy’ from the menu.

Now paste the code under the existing one to do this press the right arrow key → on your keyboard ( or click the end of the text line ).

Now right click the new line that was created (6) and select ‘Paste’ from the menu.

you can do this as many times as you wish (a complete page of works = 40 lines of code).
The macro I use has 163 lines of code.

Don’t forget to click the ‘Save & Close’ button on the bottom of the editor window.
Now you can double click the macro you created to remove a page of works..if you want to remove more than one page use the repeat macro section enter the number of pages to remove in the box and click the ‘Play (Loop)’ button and watch it go to work.

Now that you have read all this I hope that you are not intimidated by the jargon above and give this a try as it is a lot easier to do than to explain.

SUPER TIP: If you need to clean a lot of pages from a group create more than one macro for different pages Example one for page 51, one for page 52 etc.. Make about 6 of them, Open Firefox 6 times run one macro in each window (a different page) You can click the Toolbar at the bottom of your windows screen when they are open and select the show side by side option to see all the window at the same time…

Happy Bubbling

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  • ellismorleyphto
    ellismorleyphtoover 3 years ago

    Thanks. I installed iMacros but it’s still alien… I need to sit down when I have some time, find some repetitive action to perform and then go through your wonderful illustrated instructions with a fine toothcomb.

    Most of the time I am such a geek too! :-P

    Thankyou so much for taking the time to create this walkthrough (sail through!) guide :-)

  • Thanks for your comments..It is a lot easier than you think to use this wonderful program…it is just a matter of going for it :)

    – D R Moore

  • © Karin  Taylor
    © Karin Taylorover 3 years ago

    you are amazing, i don’t get it, but i think you’re brilliant for working so hard to help others :)

  • LOL it reads harder than it is..I promise..and thanks for the kind comment

    – D R Moore

  • Cat2be
    Cat2beover 3 years ago

    Wow, I get it totally!!! Thanks for all your help

  • Your welcome hope it helps with ,moderating your group(s)

    – D R Moore

  • allicata
    allicataover 3 years ago

    Hey DR! I like, love all your help. Being a moderator, I certainly wish there was a way to have all the artist’s work in a way that was easy to access in groups. Or just an easy way to find that artist in and among the work submitted, does this make sense. When featuring it would be neat to be able to call up that artist work and pick their work and so forth.

  • I do wish we had more ways of moderating our groups You can feature images from challenges a little easier with this method Featuring the easy way

    – D R Moore

  • barnsis
    barnsisover 3 years ago

    I get it and that is kind of frightening in it self. I am going to favorite this for later.
    Now one question? Why do some hosts care how many images are archived in the group? One of my groups has 430 pages or 7740 images at 18 images per page. OK, that is a lot of images but Redbubble keeps them archived so for me they are a back image reference base that I have often used. My question is not negative in any way or judgmental toward any host but is based upon a real question that I have had for some time.

  • And your question is a good one…in the group that I am using this with is the ‘All That is Nature’ group we have as of now 3208 members and 13500 images which = 750 pages of works we also moderate 7-21 pages of works a day which will make the group double in size about every 6-8 weeks…to keep the number of pages to something we can manage and keep fresh we decided to remove images that go over to page 751…that is our group …but another situation is if a group has a limit of 10-20 works in the group by one member then the images will eventually fall out of the group as other members add works and push it toward the back pages and eventually the delete page once removed from the group that member will be allowed to add a new work to the group…

    – D R Moore

  • barnsis
    barnsisover 3 years ago

    Thanks for the response, I can understand the issue when considering that magnitude. Thanks for the tool also, I forgot to thank you before☺

  • Your welcome :))

    – D R Moore

  • Ann Warrenton
    Ann Warrentonover 3 years ago

    Thank you for the refresher information. I half to say it worked great for me! :))

  • Your welcome it saves me a lot of work every day in my groups..

    – D R Moore

  • Kimberly Chadwick
    Kimberly Chadwickover 3 years ago

    Another great add-on Dan! Thank you for this Sir, I can think of many advantages to this. You rock darlin!

  • Thank you and there are a ton of ways this can be used

    – D R Moore

  • Cat2be
    Cat2beover 3 years ago

    Just a note – I pushed it up to 1000 loops and it worked like a charm. :-))

  • I added more instructions to speed it up a bit …I had six browsers open all of them removing images from a group..for 3 days over 5,000 pages removed from just one group

    – D R Moore

  • Cat2be
    Cat2beover 3 years ago

    I saw that edit section. It is fantastic what you have done and I know all the hosts that use this are very grateful!! Thank you !