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Awhile back I discovered an add-on for Firefox that is used for adding an e-mail signature with just a few clicks of the mouse and thought this would be perfect for storing the code used for featured images in my groups and in one group we send out a welcome message that is jammed packed with awesome information about the group it can also be used for many other things that I need to either copy from one place then paste it to another and how much time this takes… so below I have some basic instructions on how to get you started using this really great add-on to save your self some time while doing your hosting duties….Just keep in mind this is how I use this add-on but I’ll bet you can find more useful ways this will help you all around the web..

Step 1
If you do not have the Firefox web browser installed or need an update click the link below to do that now.

Step 2
You will need an add-on called ‘Paste Email Plus’ which can be found at the link below.
Get "Paste Email Plus" Here

Step 3
Once you have completed installing the add-on restart Firefox and log-in to redbubble.com

Step 4
Most groups keep the code for posting banners, welcome e-mails, etc in the Host only forums go to the forums and copy one to your clip board as if you were going to use it.

Step 5
Now to add it to ‘Paste Email Plus’ (This will only have to be done one time then it will be just two clicks away from adding it to a text box.)
In this example I will be adding a banner code for the ‘Birds of Prey’ Group.

Step 6
To open the add-on’s options menu…Right Click the redbubble search box or any box that you are able to paste text into.
The pop up menu will have a selection called ‘Paste Email Plus’ place you mouse on it and a new menu will pop out with a selection for ‘Paste Email Plus Options’ click that to open the options menu.

Step 7
Click the category button at the top of the menu box. This is how we are going to keep our items organized.
For this Example I am going to create a category called ‘Birds of Prey’ which is the group that I am going to use this with.

Step 8
To create this category I will click the ‘Add category’ button.

Step 9
Then in the box next to the word category I will type in the name of my group (Birds of Prey) Then I will click the save button..Add as many as you like but be sure to click the save button after each category name you want to add. You will be able to add more at any time by repeating Step 6.

Step 10
Now to add the text to the add-on..Click the ‘Pastetext’ button on the top of the menu box.

Step 11
Click the ‘Add item’ button.

Step 12
In the box next to ‘Label’ name your item something you will remember for my example I am going to label mine “Welcome Message”.

Step 13
Now in the category box click the down arrow on the right side of the box and from the dropdown menu select the category you created in step 9.
I am going to choose ‘Birds of Prey’

Step 14
Now to add the pre-written text I copied from step 4 I am going to right click the large text box and select paste from the pop up menu.

Step 15
Then to save my work I am going to select the ‘save entry’ button.
NOTE: Don’t click the ‘save all’ button on the bottom this will only give you an error.

Step 16
To add more items just click the ‘Add item’ button and repeat steps 12 through 15.

Step 17
Add as many items as you wish and don’t forget to add them to a category so that you will be able to find them with ease.
I added 3 items to my ‘Birds of Prey’ category
1. Challenge winner banner code
2. Welcome message (for new members of the group)
3. and The featured image banner code

When you have completed your list of items click the ‘Save all’ button at the bottom of the menu window.

Step 18
To use it just go to where you want to post the text or banner code and right click the text box.
The pop-up menu has a new option ‘Paste Email Plus’ place your mouse cursor over it and another menu will appear with your categories point to the category where your text or code is (mine is ‘Birds of Prey’) then in the next menu select the label you gave the text or code (in my example it will be ‘Welcome Message’) just click it and it will automatically add the text or code to the box click save or send which ever option you have and your done.


*You can use this for anything that you type frequently just be sure to keep it organized for the ease of use.
*You will be able to go back and edit any of your entries at any Time.

Happy Bubbling

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