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If your group is using banners for challenge winners and featured images there is a way to use the proper size to keep them the right size for posting in your members comments without overdoing it and having the group member getting frustrated and deleting the image from their comments section…

First thing to keep in mind that the image does not need to be poster sized to work well. As long as you maintain an aspect ratio (or shape) that you want to post in the comments..The ones I’ve created have been 650 × 360 pixels and they work great..

When you upload them to your profile make sure to check the box next to
Hide this work from the public? (You can still see and buy it)

Then you can go to your ‘art’ section and lick the edit link next to the banner.

Now with the edit page open ‘right’ click the image to get the context menu
if you are using Firefox select ‘View image’ from the menu.
Internet Explorer users select ‘properties’
A Properties box will appear copy the Address(URL) High lighted in blue
“right click” the Highlighted text then choose “copy”
or once it is highlighted hold the “control(CTRL)” key and press “C”

Paste the image URL in the address bar of Internet Explorer and press enter.

The web address may vary depending on when it was uploaded to redbubble there is an OLD version seen below

and the NEW version

NOTE: To make the following suggestions easier open a new tab in your web browser by holding the ‘CTRL’ (control) key and press ‘T’ then past the web address of your banner in the address bar and press ‘Enter’ this will open the image on a page all by itself..you can now make changes to the address as suggested below then press enter too see the results. Once you get the perfect size for your banner copy the web address and put in in the groups ‘Host Only’ Forums for easy access.

Both images are to large to post in a group members comments so we can make it the perfect size by changing the dimensions in the above examples the size is indicated in bold
also the address that is given is a cropped version which will not give you the same results as a non cropped version here are two small examples of cropping.
not cropped
and this one is cropped
To fix this we can remove the /cropped from the OLD web address
And for the NEW web address we can change the t.jpg to f.jpg

For the NEW version you can use these dimensions noted below just change the numbers and press enter until you get the right size the save the image address when you get it to the size you want to use.
60X60, 100X100, 135X135, 215X200, 300X300, 450×300 there are larger sizes but they are useless for a banner images.

For the OLD version you can use these sizes noted below change the ‘size:large’
to one of the sizes shown below press enter you can keep doing this with the different sizes until you get the right size the save the image address when you get it to the size you want to use.
xsmall, small, xmedium, medium, ularge

Once the image is the right size you are ready to post banners into image comments using the web address for the right sized banner image just place a ! in front of the image address and after it to post the image in a comment….
Like this
For more on creating links and posting images see this Tutorial Creating Links Etc…on redbubble

If you post the code in the groups forums for the members to copy and paste them to their profiles send me the link to the image and the web address to the group…
I will modify the information so that you can post copy and pastable code in your redbubble group. Send BubbleMail to D R Moore


medium or 300×300
xmedium or 215×200
small or 135×135

Happy Bubbling

Here is a Tutorial for those of you using ‘Firefox’ to keep these banner codes a right click away without having to copy and paste every time you need to post banners and more….Copy & Paste time saver
In case you missed my Tutorial on Featuring the easy way You should have a look as it may save you a lot of time while trying to feature winning challenge images.

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"Group Banners(Host Tutorial)":http://www.redbubble.com/people/envelope150/jou...

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