TUTORIAL:Creating Links Etc...on redbubble

Creating Text Links

To make your text clickable or link to a web address
Put quotation symbols ” ” on each side of the word/sentence you want to make Clickable and then a Colon : (no spaces), Now put the url (web address) of where you want the clicker to go.
EXAMPLE: "View My Gallery":http//example.redbubble.com
Will give you this View My Gallery
You can also make a Text box appear when hovering over the link by adding text in brackets
Like this "View My Gallery(Go to My Gallery)":http//example.redbubble.com
The text above in ( ) will appear in a box if someone hovers over the link
Like this ( put your mouse over the link but do not click it )
View My Gallery
To use formatting with your text link. Add a space between the formatting symbols and the "
EXAMPLE: "Space*View My Gallery*space":http//example.redbubble.com
will give you this
" View My Gallery ":http//example.redbubble.com

h1. Using Product previews Framed Prints, Cards…etc*

First you must know where the image is located (web address)
Example: http://www.mypicture is here.jpg
To use a framed, laminated print, card etc.. image from redbubble click the “show public view” in your “Art” section

then click the “Buy/Preview” Button

Set the image as you wish to use it, Card, Framed print etc…once you are done follow the instructions below to get the web address

If using firefox simply right click the image and select “copy image location”
Using Internet explorer right click the image then select “Properties”
A Properties box will appear copy the Address(URL) High lighted in blue
“right click” the Highlighted text then choose “copy”
or once it is highlighted hold the “control(CTRL)” key and press “C”

Mac users hold the CTRL or Apple key and then click image to get the menu
You can now paste the image location where you want to use it (right click and select “paste” or hold the Control key and press “V” on your key board) Now put a ! before an after the image location like this !http://www.mypicture is here.jpg!
To make it clickable or linked add the colon : and web address after the !
like this :http://www.your going here.com
The final entry Will look like below
!http://www.mypicture is here.jpg!:http://www.your going here.com
The text box mentioned above can be used here as well by adding your text in ( )
Like This !http://www.mypicture is here.jpg(Have a Look)!:http://www.your going here.com
Will give you this ( Put your mouse over my avatar image below but do not click to see )
Have a Look

For using different Product Preview
sizes See this Journal

Using Small Product Preview

Using Just the Image

To use only the image go to you art section by clicking “My Bubble” then “art”
on you art page find the image you want to use and get the image address or URL as described above
Current web addresses (URL) used by redbubble


You can change the size of the image
by replacing the 60×60 in the above
example to one of the values shown on the right.
(Click the links for a preview of the size cropped version )
800X800 watermarked

Cropped Version

Not Cropped
You can change the t.jpg to f.jpg the image address to add or remove the cropping of your image.
Note the sizes may vary depending on your image shape these are both 60×60.

_You can skip this section unless you need to modify or fix an old link that you created usin the OLD URL’s which look like the Example below.


Using the old URL change the size of the image by replacing the size:xsmall to one of the values shown on the right.
(Click the links for a preview of the size cropped version )
xsmall = 60px × 60px
small = 135px × 135px
xmedium = 200px × 200px
medium = 300px × 300px
large = 550px × 550px
xlarge = 663px × 663px watermarked to use this one you need to remove the /cropped from the image URL

Cropped Version

Not Cropped
You can also remove cropped/ from the image address to maintain the shape of your image.
Note the sizes may vary depending on your image shape.

To create a Larger preview link use some text or an image and link it to the xlarge view.
Here is an Image Example be sure to remove the /cropped from the xlarge view

How it works
Click the image
to see
The text or code I used
View Larger image!http://images-3.redbubble.net/img/art/cropped/s... Larger image)!:http://images-3.redbubble.net/img/art/size:xlar...

To create a large product preview add /pixelsize:875×440 as shown below
Click here to see BEFORE and AFTER

EXAMPLE (laminated print) URL: http://images-3.redbubble.net/img/art/backgroun...
Click Here to preview larger size

Link to a large preview

To create a Larger preview link use some text or an image and link it to the 800X800 web address of the image or any other size listed above.
Here is an Image Example be sure that you change the .t.jpg to .f.jpeg
so your image will not be cropped.

How it worksThe text I used
View Larger image!http://ih2.redbubble.net/work.4484135.1.flat,60... Larger image)!:http://ih2.redbubble.net/work.4484135.1.flat,80...

For changing the product version’s sizes see this Tutorial

Create a contact link or e-mail me link

Example: "contact me":mailto:myname@myemailaddress.com
Your bubblesite has a contact option, to turn it on
Go to your profile edit page Click here
then scroll down to the e-mail section
and click the box next to
Allow people to contact me via email
Allows visitors to contact you with a form on your BubbleSite. Your email address will not be displayed

After you click it you can go to your bubblesite and on the top where the links are you will see these links
Home Gallery About Contact
Clicking the Contact link will open a new window with the Contact form
If you want to use it on redbubble then use the code below.
but change the username to yours
"Contact me by E-Mail":http://username.redbubble.com/contact
Contact me by E-Mail

Use youtube video on your profile or in a journal entry just use the simple code below
youtube:video url or web address of the video
For more on how to get the web address of the video see Here

Leave me a comment if you still need some Help or

Chat with me on Skype
My User Name

To use a Skype live status link copy and paste this text and change the username in bold
Leave two blank lines before and after the code

|Chat with me on Skype|
|!http://mystatus.skype.com/balloon/username.png!|My User Name

Once you get the hang of creating links and posting images give my other tutorial a try. More…… redbubble Formatting [Text wrapping images] Beware this one will frustrate you

Happy Bubbling

Get the Firefox and Internet Explorer Tool bar for Redbubble Here
See more Toolbar info

See all my How-to’s HereIncludes “Framed image on Bubblesite home page”, “Adding Calendars to your bubblesite”, “feedjit Live Traffic Feed”, “Using tags on Redbubble”, “Add a visitor counter to your bubblesite or profile page” and More

Please don’t Copy and paste my written works as that would really hurt my feelings :)
you can copy the code below and paste it if you would like to share this Journal with others on Redbubble
"TUTORIAL:Creating Links Etc…on redbubble(by D R Moore)":http://www.redbubble.com/people/envelope150/jou...
or on the web
"TUTORIAL:Creating Links Etc...on redbubble(by D R Moore)":http://www.redbubble.com/people/envelope150/jou...

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    Thanks so much, the instructions were so easy to follow, well explained!! I do have one question though, I’ve noticed that some people have added pictures to their description that are on an angle, do you know how to do this?

  • Those images were most likely created using Photo software,
    using 2 layers,1 for the background and 1 for the image with the background image larger than the image to be rotated “Rotate the image layer” flatten image upload to RB and use the link to that image.I made one awhile ago

    – D R Moore

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    Thank you for the great info. I have followed your steps and I love how my images look on my profile but I can’t seem to link them. I am using IE and I copy the location in the tool bar to link…..but not working. Any ideas?

  • Here is what you would post for “Waiting” linked

    – D R Moore

  • Teri Argo
    Teri Argoover 6 years ago

    Thanks so much……like a dope, I put the asterik in…..got it now, thanks for you help!

  • You are very welcome.
    Happy Bubbling

    – D R Moore

  • hellofromearth
    hellofromearthabout 6 years ago

    I would like to add another view of the same photo on the photos page. I tried this but it just shows the syntax. AnyIdeas?

  • try adding a space between the two images

    – D R Moore

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    Maria Moroabout 6 years ago

    thank you for your assistance,, I’m chicken when it comes to the tech stuff,, thank you,, thank you,,

  • No don’t be a chicken, You can do any of these with a little practice, You will be a pro.

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    Thank you for this tutorial! Till now I always found the same stuff I knew already, but never got answers to my questions; here it goes a bit further. Does this markup language have a name? Can I find the complete instructions somewhere on the web?

  • I believe it is called textile, but not all of it is accepted on redbubble.
    For my redbubble tutorials I used this site here mostly for reference. I’ve been through all the different formatting listed there to create the two tutorials that are about formatting on RB.
    This one and More…… redbubble Formatting [Text wrapping images]

    – D R Moore