A Mother's Instincts by Quinn Blackburn

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Love unbounded by Reason.
Love more eternal than Seasons.
Flowing and healing as water,
No less for son than daughter.
“Protect the child” the only Law!
“And Yet…” I hear the Raven caw
“Each must their own choices make,
Their Will must the journey shape.
Let them Fly or Fall as they will,
You cannot take their place on the Hill.”
Wolf, great teacher, cries with me.
“Truth is seldom free!
Some lessons must be learned
others still must be earned.
You taught the cub as best you might
The rest is now for him to fight.”
These truths I cannot deny
“And Yet…” is still my Hearts reply.

It is never easy to let our children go, but perhaps especially so when we see the painful lessons they are running headlong towards. The young are so certain of what they think they know, so certain that we as their elders have no advice worth heeding.

Learning otherwise is often painful for them and for us. Mothers are hardwired to care about their children, and it is perhaps our greatest challenge to simply let go and trust that we have done all we can to properly prepare them for their life journey. There is always that small dark doubt within our hearts that encourages us to continue worrying about their well being, despite the mind’s assurance that our job is done and it is up to them now. We’ve spent their lifetime up to that point immersed in our parental instincts, and it will take awhile to adjust to this new mode of necessary thinking.

Holding on and attempting to help or warn is about as effective as picking up a hot coal out of the fire with our bare hands simply because we know it will burn to best effect elsewhere in the fire. They must learn for themselves. Let go, and concentrate on your own life. Go beyond that ingrained instinct, and simply let go. It takes great love and great courage, but is, in the end, the best choice. In fact, letting go may be the greatest act of love and the most valuable lesson we can offer to our children.


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I look to All My Relations for advice, wisdom, and inspiration. I’m a Gemini with Pisces rising…everything else is subject to change without notice.

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  • Rusty Gentry
    Rusty Gentryabout 4 years ago

    Quinn, this is one of the more profound writings I have encountered on RB. You have captured a rare, ephemeral even, Truth, in the Platonic sense of capital “T” Truth. Zeus knows my mother watched her know it all cub fall all the way down the damn hill, before I learned that I wasn’t quite as smart as I thought I was. Of course, it’s rather easy to look back at my youthful follies at the age of 40. Nonetheless, I watched my mother go through the same process. Mother’s are saints, but even saints cannot intercede to regulate youthful hubris. Fantastic write, which will be sent to my mother directly. xo,Rusty

  • So very glad this piece struck such a strong chord with you, Rusty.. and I Greatly appreciate you taking the time to share your personal insights in regards to this topic… more than words can express, it does my heart good to hear these things as I move through this transition in my own family. Thank you most sincerly :o) wishing you laughter

    – Quinn Blackburn

  • autumnwind
    autumnwindabout 4 years ago

    oh, dear woman you are so incredibly wise. had chills throughout this outstanding write and absolutely love the deeply beautiful photo. sigh. I want to say so much, but I just feeling like hugging you. so hard to let go, and yes we must, in fact have no choice. thank you for being here and for sharing all you do. hugs, shar xoxoxo

  • I’ll take that hug, Shar, gratefully :o) Thank you too for your thoughtful comment. Both are greatly appreciated on entirely different levels lol Much love, my sister, and many thanks xo

    – Quinn Blackburn

  • sunnyd
    sunnydabout 4 years ago

    I love it when I simply click on something here and find a jewel! That is what this is! A precious jewel!

  • so very glad you enjoyed this piece, and greatly appreciate you taking the time to share what you think :o) wishing you laughter

    – Quinn Blackburn

  • AuntDot
    AuntDotabout 4 years ago

    Such honest and meaningful writing, Quinn. Spoken from the heart. Thank you for this wonderful piece.

  • Thank you, Dot :o) For the most part, I can only share what I see or am experiencing, and whatever I write is always Always straight from my heart. I am always grateful when others find the pieces of my journey useful to their own lives too. Much love, my sister, and many thanks xo

    – Quinn Blackburn

  • Lyndy
    Lyndyabout 4 years ago

    The most powerful write I have read in a long time. You touched every part of my being with this! Bless you, as the tears are falling here. many hugs Quinn. Lyndy xxx

  • xo Much love, my sister :o) wishing you laughter

    – Quinn Blackburn

  • missmoneypenny
    missmoneypennyabout 4 years ago

    The love in this shot and words positively flows – beautiful!

  • they pull on our heartstrings, and have no clue they have done anything

    – Quinn Blackburn

  • rodeorose
    rodeoroseabout 4 years ago

    So deeply touching as ever dear Quinn- the amazing capture of your Son’s current emotional place of reference, and your notes. Over and over, from the moment they started to crawl, we have to hold back and hold onto our breaking hearts watching them fall…over and over…so that they learn how to run one day….here he is on another threshold- so beautifully and poignantly shared. xxxxxxxx

  • The shot of our son is actually a couple of years back, at the beginning of this letting go process, but I felt the pose and feel of the shot perfectly complimented the words and thoughts I wanted to couple with it. This process has been much easier with our daughters, although I am unsure whether that is due to their greater emotional development or just their different personalities. I love them all, but this one has always been the greatest challenge to us, his parents. So glad you enjoyed both words and image, Rose, and greatly appreciate the detailed feedback :o) wishing you laughter

    – Quinn Blackburn

  • Hannah Fenton-Williams
    Hannah Fenton-...about 4 years ago

    Cute guy and wonderful write. Made me smile (:

  • Hannah, I cannot tell you how many offers I have had for my son lol So glad you enjoyed both image and words :o) wishing you laughter

    – Quinn Blackburn

  • aartwaven
    aartwavenabout 4 years ago

    Quinn, I love the way you always speak from the deepest part of you and share it with us so beautifully. You and your words are always a treasure. I have three sons, each was a lesson in letting go, and you have described so well this journey, which is but part of our own journey through life. Thank you

  • Thank you so much :o) This particular stretch of my journey has felt like a mini marathon complete with an obstacle course lol So very glad you found value in this postcard from my life, and greatly appreciate the generous feedback :o) wishing you laughter

    – Quinn Blackburn

  • Rhonda Strickland
    Rhonda Stricklandabout 4 years ago

    This is one of the most amazing writes!!! Stunning, stinging, so very true. . . An instant fave… I was drawn to it because of the picture and am so glad I took a look!!!
    The truth in this is something I know so well. I could not have said this better myself. . .Love it… wow

  • Thank you, Rhonda :o) So very glad this piece struck such a strong chord with you. I too love when I click on a photo and find so much more in the post than the visual that first drew my attention. :o) wishing you laughter

    – Quinn Blackburn

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