Tee Shirt Preview Drabness

It has been an ongoing gripe of many RBers that the preview images for Tee shirts makes them appear too dull and therefore puts off potential buyers. I recently found a journal entry by Chris Whal describing how he uploaded a colour chart on a Tee shirt and compared the colours on the preview with his original file.
I have built on this idea using Chris’s charts and a Photoshop adjustment layer. Anyway I hope it is of some use to those of you who do Tee shirt artwork. Read Chris’s contribution and my addition with a link to my Photoshop screenshot (somewhere near the bottom of the page) HERE


  • Lenny La Rue, IPA
    Lenny La Rue, IPAabout 4 years ago

    What a clever idea spawned by another clever Idea. :-) As long as one keeps one’s monitor calibrated frequently, this may make life a lot more colourful for the shirties!

    I don’t know if there’s a single t-shirt offered in Artistic Nude but there’s also no way to tell if the reason why is lifeless colour. So, I’ll approve this by default and hope we see submissions in the future.

    My one concern is that the preview-enhanced edit of the image may actually ruin the image for sale. I haven’t submitted dual photographs with one being designed specifically for viewing and a different one designed for sale. Might the edit create a t-shirt that’s blown out of the artist’s intent?

  • That is also a concern of mine Lenny. I have done a little more experimentation since I wrote this and I am disappointed to report that although this method helps in the selection of colours to make the best of a bad situation i.e. avoiding colours that will display badly in the preview, it doesn’t really solve the basic problem.
    If you are worried about the colour ‘blowout’ using this method you can convert your file to CMYK (to simulate what the printers probably do) and then back to RGB. In my tests the CMYK conversion is still way brighter than the RB preview so I can only assume the people at RB are allowing for dark shirt colours to show through the inks and dull the print.
    As far as I can see, the best, though very inconvenient strategy, is to buy your own Tee design, get someone to model it for a photo and then load that photo next to the preview on your RB web page. I see some Bubblers are already doing this but it seems like a lot of effort to deal with an issue which shouldn’t be there in the first place. I am about to upload a Tee without a public view so that I can try out this approach. When I get a result I will add it to this journal. I guess if enough people contact RB about this issue something may happen but I’m not optimistic.

    – EnPassant