The world has lost a shining Light

It is with much sadness, I write of the passing of Tots – a wonderfully caring woman who deeply touched all who had contact with her. She had a 6 year battle with breast cancer and showed great courage always.
RIP Ally.
My deepest sympathy to Ade

Thrilled to announce

I’m very thrilled to announce that at the recent Rotary Club of Millicent Photographic Art Show, my work Foggy Morn gained first prize in the Landscape section, and also for it I gained the Don Ferguson Regional Photographer Award.
Forest’s Edge was awarded a merit in both of these categories.
It took a few days for my feet to touch the ground again.
My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has visited this site, and left comments and/or favourited my work, and to those who have shared their knowledge and passion for photography. Without this help and encouragement, I would not have come this far. Thank you♥

A Sale!

My grateful thanks to the person who has purchased a canvas print of Forest’s Edge I’m thrilled that someone likes this work enough to want it hung on their wall. Doing a happy dance :-)

Thanks for the inspiration

I’d like to take this time, as the year closes, to thank some of the wonderful people who have inspired me since I joined RedBubble. Of course, it’s an impossible task to list everyone, but know you’ve helped me along the way and I’m sure, many others.
In no especial order, here’s a few of my favourite images -

The Loves of my life
And so we return
Hard Times
Generous Heart
Within the coils of the rainbow serpent
Shake it
Secret Garden
Happy feet
Jumping the clouds
Ohhh that’s your family
Not this time

Thank you one and all♥

You know, I couldn’t resist adding some more:-)

Jumping spider
A very special Christmas
Say cheese
Three wild and crazy guys
It wasn’t until…
Who will judge
When pigs…
This is a song..
Praying mantis
The pirate
The quintet
Her g

The Gulf of Mexico is Dying

I suppose there are many who would prefer not to read tragic news at this time of the year, or at any time perhaps. But for those who believe in trying to see what is happening to this world of ours, read about the consequences of the BP Gulf Oil spill here

Genetically Modified Mosquitos

While “scientists” have been genetically modifying insects for years, only in the last few have they begun to openly discuss releasing them into the environment. As always, the fact that public discussion has just now begun to take place on the issue means that the project has already been initiated. This much has been borne out by the facts in that the release of the insects has already been announced.

Under the guise of eradicating Dengue fever, GM mosquitoes were released into the environment in the Cayman Islands in 2009. Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne, virus-based disease that has largely been non-existent in North America for several decades. Dengue fever can morph into a much more dangerous form of the illness known as Dengue Hemorrhagic fever. Symptoms of Dengue fever are high f…