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Been a while

So it’s been a while since I’ve been on here. Sorry. I’ve been on D.A. Alot so if you have a deviantart name check me out on there under the same name. I’m taking requests now. just note me on there. So yeah lots of soul eater fanart coming your way as ive gotten back into that amazingly sexy show . i sortta have a thing for soul evans teehee

Commissions open!

It’s that Time agian!…

I have opened commissions.

<div align="center">


Simple sketch – <i>$5</i>

Lineart – <i>$10</i>

Finished Anime peice – <i>$15</i>

Abstract – <i>$10</i>

Other Design ( you specify) – <i>$15</i>

8.5×11 inches – <i>$20</i>
11×17 inches – <i>$25</i>

Note: Poster will be a print not the originally drawn peice. You will get the digital copy via email but I will mail you the poster.

<u>This is the low down. I will actually mail you the commission with it signed by me and Also I will send a digital Back up copy.</u>


To commission me please <acronym title="Email me."><a href="">Email me</a></acronym> specifying what you w

Dragon Master

So I woke up and finally thought of the story for the Dragon God Swords .

I call it Dragon Master and here is the quick synopsis:

Void, The ultimate evil darkness ever to take hold of the world. Only the Dragon master and the Dragon Princess have the power to defeat this evil. After centuries of fighting the two were able to only seal away the void, by using the spirits within the dragon God swords.
Thousands of years later the seal has been broken. A young girl stumbles onto a cave that holds one of these swords. She accidently awakens the spirit of the sword “ Ryu”.. By awakening the master sword, she accidently broke the seal on the Void. Now she must search for the one who is worthy of wielding all seven of the Dragon God Swords.

Im still working on the main details of course.

Color correction Tutorial

There is one thing wrong with all three of these photos. Light issues. In the first one the balance is off so it’s hard to see. You can easily do this upping the saturation slightly as well as the lightness. This makes the shadow at the bottom a lot less prominent. This also makes the photo clearer and easier to see. To do this go to image > adjustments> Hue/saturation and adjust the saturation slightly up as well as the lightness. This will bring the harsh shadows down and make it lighter and easier to see. To see an example of this go to: [link] . This shows how the shadows can change a picture.…

To fix the second one something a bit trickier is needed. The harsh shadow of the nose makes the man’s mouth hard to see. In fact you can’t even see it. So you need to lessen the shadow without

Atlantis to Aerevia

I have given up on my Atlantis story to start on another from a very descriptive and realistic dream i had it was VERY detailed with specific designs and events. its hard t odesxcribe alot of it so i’ll be spending ALOT of time working it out.


I’m starting a new project! GO MEEEEEE!!!

This project will be the Zodiac animals in an anthro/humish form. They won’t be anatomically correct because i want them to keep a bit of the animal that they represent! I’m addign a twist as well!! They will also all be in some form or another a dancer.

I hope they come out ok




Nothing…. thats what i seem to be to alot of people….. i realized today that most of the people in my life have been lying to me for most of it.
In middle school… i was nominated for art student of the month…. when it came down to year book pictures…. i was the only nominated person left out for all of the year….
I tried out for a talent contest manytimes in highschool and was let through because they just wanted me to stop trying out….…

Also… i dont think my friends care for me much… the only time im contacted by ANY OF THEM is for DnD purposes only.. and when i try to make plans with them… they are always too busy and have alreayd made plans with other friends… its like they only think of me as someone they play a table top game with…im an after thought.. I came into that group as one of t

Latest News

So i have an Interview on Monday YAY! Still not talking to my sister. Getting $600 for free from the government. but so are most people XD
Got this weird hair straitener gunna try it tomorrow. hope it works . i’ll probably burn my hair off….drawing non faeries again.. can’t think of any more faeries to draw .. running out of inspiration.. Still no sales off my stores…

Got the Newest Album by O-Zone . Its Awesome!!

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