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East Windsor, United States


Nothing…. thats what i seem to be to alot of people….. i realized today that most of the people in my life have been lying to me for most of it.
In middle school… i was nominated for art student of the month…. when it came down to year book pictures…. i was the only nominated person left out for all of the year….
I tried out for a talent contest manytimes in highschool and was let through because they just wanted me to stop trying out….

Also… i dont think my friends care for me much… the only time im contacted by ANY OF THEM is for DnD purposes only.. and when i try to make plans with them… they are always too busy and have alreayd made plans with other friends… its like they only think of me as someone they play a table top game with…im an after thought.. I came into that group as one of the players girlfriends… an outsider one could say… i still feel like they are just being nice and not actualyl caring about me… i feel left out and like i dont realyl belong with them… they have to many recent inside jokes that im not apart of .. it makes me depressed also im also always the last to find out any information on anything…. agian… as an after thought….. its the same at work as well and my family…

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