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East Windsor, United States

Dragon Master

So I woke up and finally thought of the story for the Dragon God Swords .

I call it Dragon Master and here is the quick synopsis:

Void, The ultimate evil darkness ever to take hold of the world. Only the Dragon master and the Dragon Princess have the power to defeat this evil. After centuries of fighting the two were able to only seal away the void, by using the spirits within the dragon God swords.
Thousands of years later the seal has been broken. A young girl stumbles onto a cave that holds one of these swords. She accidently awakens the spirit of the sword “ Ryu”.. By awakening the master sword, she accidently broke the seal on the Void. Now she must search for the one who is worthy of wielding all seven of the Dragon God Swords.

Im still working on the main details of course.

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