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Hey there, feel free to call me Emma, or Sky. (Hehe, see what I did there?)

I first got onto Redbubble because I had so many friends here and was attracted to the splendiferous arty goodness =D
The people here = awesome :)

Like my friends, I enjoy photography even though I must bow down in front of the might of their mighty knowledgeableness and posh cameras, but me and my strangely shaped Xacti get on just fine with the world…(hanging upside down from a tree to try and trick the auto into doing something cool)

I also do a lot of drawing in a kindof quasi-anime style and venture into the realistic when I find a face I like. The good ones take a really long time, but I will hopefully upload the odd few – especially Drawing Day work and requests. (Is still somewhat paranoid about the internets.)

Have a nice day! ^^

Camera (Not) in Residence: Lollie’s George (is at home)

All My Copyright is Belong to Me. =P

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Drawing Day 2011

…is coming!! (June 4th) / The one event I will openly, in advance, make space for in my revision timetable =P / MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!
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Yay! New Drawing, New Record! :P

How excited am I? Rather. :) / Mr Nice Guy, (a drawing done for this year’s drawing day) is now my most favourited piece of work and I am very proud of it! Thank you to everyone who has come to look and comment and favourite so far, and all you to come! ;P / I don’t do many realistic pieces simply because they take so long and you’ve got to be staring at this face for what seems…
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13th May 2010

At least the sun was shining on her.
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It’s been a while, Redbubble. / It’s been a while since had a comment, spent an hour trawling through beautiful art while moderating, picked up a decent camera, took a decent photograph. It’s been a while since I had time… / Dare I say I’m back? Well I’ve got a few ideas…we’ll see… / :) xxx
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